Bring Vegas Home Challenge

It's Vegas baby! recently invited me to be a part of the "Bring Vegas Home" challenge. My task was to put together a room using The Cosmopolitan Hotel as inspiration. I admit the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to decorating my home. Running circuses is about the only thing that town and my house have in common, however, after taking one look at their lovely hotel suites I was in, hook, line, and sinker!

Navy Blue Room Decorating Ideas Hotel Inspiration

Does it come as a shock that the navy blue used through out the hotel suites was the first thing that caught my eye? I've been toying with the idea of using the color in our master at the new house. Isn't this velvet tufted chair so handsome?

Greek key patterned blankets is another design feature seen through out the suites. I've been gravitating towards this pattern lately, although I prefer it in subtle doses.  I think this throw pillow definitely meets the bill. I love how its rich navy hue pops against the white bedding.

Speaking of the bed, in my wildest fantasies (I bet you're wondering where this is going?)
I am the proud owner of a white upholstered bed frame like this one. It's so pristine and chic! In real life that thing would be smothered in dog hair and spaghetti sauce stained hand prints from a certain little toddler.

Solid colored drapes is a great way to add a clean, fresh look to any room. I like how the curtains in The Cosmopolitan didn't try to compete with the rest of the room's elements. Target always has a great selection of curtains. These basketweave panels are inexpensive and also light blocking; perfect for those of us who prefer the vampire lifestyle.

Chrome lamps, a popular choice among most hotels,can come across as rather sterile and masculine to me. Am I the only crazy one who sees genders in my inanimate objects?  I picked this lamp for my room because it had the chrome-like metal appearance but it's shape is warm and graceful , in other words, it doesn't scream "surgery room".

The black and white art work in the hotel suites is a conversation piece and I loved it's contrast against the white and navy blue colors through out the room.  I'm a HUGE fan of word art and adored this "Lucky Charm" print from Fybur. Plus, what is Vegas with out a little luck, right? This botanical wall art isn't a true black and white piece but it would give a nice contemporary touch to any room.

Last but not least, I love adding natural elements to every room but call the FBI because I am a serial plant killer! This artificial grass planter would be guaranteed a long life with me. Plus, it's wooden box adds a lovely balance to the contemporary pieces in my room.

So there you have it, proof that bringing Vegas hotel style into your home doesn't have to be all crystal chandeliers and cheesy slot machines, nor does it need to be expensive! This challenge has made me super excited about getting started on our room.
Aren't the rooms at the Cosmopolitan lovely?
Mama wouldn't mind locking herself away ALONE for a week (or two) in one of their suites!

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love it!! you did a great job, love the color scheme

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