Halloween Monster Party Silverware Holder

Why wasn't there any food left after the monster party?
Because everyone was a goblin! 

Monster Party Ideas Silverware Holder

After reading this, I promise you will never look at dusting the same way again.
This is another one of my so-simple-you-should-sue-me craft ideas. 
Today I'm sharing how to make your own little Monster Party Silverware Holders out of dusters--yes, dusters! These make for great monster party decor or simply set them out on Halloween morning for a spooky breakfast with the kids.

 Here's what you'll need to make your own little monsters:

little duster wands (Dollar Store)
googley eyes
craft glue or a hot glue gun
plastic party silverware

Now, it's time to focus because this gets complex! After removing the dust rags from their wands I just simply adhered my googley eyes on top of the rags with a glue gun. 
On the back of my dusters there were two narrow "pockets'--that's where I slipped in my plastic silverware.

Seriously, could this get any easier?!

Apparently, I will do ANYTHING to get out of actually cleaning and that includes turning my dusters into monsters! 

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Heather O'Neill said...

How clever and adorable!

Michelle Paige said...

Seriously, the cutest silverware holders, ever!

Heather A said...

Seriously the cutest and oh-so simply idea, I'm in love! My kiddos would giggle and just love this. Pinned!

Tricia Goodmama said...

Those are just so cute! It makes me want to have a monster-themed party. Love it!

Bianca G said...

super adorable! haha

Victoria Burke said...

I LOVE these! They are so adorable!

Kimberly M said...

So cute! Pinned!

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