Outdoorsy Camp Themed Playroom

Editor's Update: Come check out how the camp theme playroom turned out in real life!

Decorating kid's rooms is so much fun! I seriously have been dreaming of playrooms way before I even created a miniature human. The new house has a room where I  have the opportunity to create a fun and playful space for Little B. If you follow me on Instagram not only are you cool but you may have heard me mention a time or two that I had decided on an outdoorsy camping theme; which has now evolved into an outdoorsy-camping-woodland-adventurous-explorer-too-many-adjectives-to-describe theme. Which is rather odd considering you may never catch me camping....I have this irrational fear of opossums. Perfectly normal, right? Any ways, I've been pinning ideas like a mad woman (you can check out my full playroom inspiration board here) and slowly picking up items here and there that I see fit for the room. Tonight I thought I share a small collection of all the ideas that have been brewing around in my head.

playroom ideas

  Forest Green Pillow: Fine Little Day | Ford Baslam Pillow: Izola | Forest Friends Art: Minted  
 Threshold Industrial Plug-In Light: Target |  Red Lantern: Mustard Yellow Vintage | Tree Toy: Armadillo Dreams | Vintage Boy Scout First Aid Kit Tin: Love and Arrow
Adventure Wool Pennant Flag: Strawberry Moth | Snotrageous: Modern Moose | Lattice Floor Bin: Land of Nod | Stockholm Rug: Ikea | Child's Toadstool Stool Cushion: Handmade and Sew On

The center picture  is what totally kicked my inspiration into full gear! I mean holy torpedo is that not a cheerful room? It's a space from the Bright Bazaar Blog . The colors and slight take on a woodland theme was exactly what I was looking for; modern, playful, and fun.

One of our main goals for the playroom is to create lots of storage space because let's face it kid's toys multiply like bunnies. The room was originally intended to be an office so there is no closet space. So we have to get creative. We've been sketching and playing around with some ideas of attempting to create the look of some custom built-ins with cabinets to hide away all that junk, I mean fun stuff.

As with most of my rooms, wall art tends to be my starting point when I'm putting together a space so that's what I've been focusing on for the past few months. I thought the black and white art print from Minted was perfect because it helps tie together the striped rug and pendant light. Plus, they're site has so many frame options to choose from. I love that I can go rustic, white, or modern black.

Here are a few more art pieces from Minted that caught my eye.

I'm a huge fan of this pattern and it would be the perfect pop of yellow.

I kid you not I have a major crush on dapper animals. Slap a bow tie on any animal and I'll buy it, just maybe not a opossum because not even a bow tie can make those things cute!

What's a woodland themed room with out an owl or two, right?

You can check out Minted's full art line here.  There's a great selection to choose from and I have always been a fan of the fact that they support independent artists!

So what do you think of the plans? I can't wait to get started on this room! I'm deeming 2015 the year of the playroom! 
So......I can expect you in January, right? To help painting and stuff. 
You didn't possibly think I was going at it alone did you?


Michelle Paige said...

This will be the cutest playroom EVER! LOVE the theme!

Unknown said...

This is so adorable!! I love the pillows and the prints. I can't wait to see the final room, it will be amazing :)

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