It's Baaaack....Friday's Dose of Delight|1.30.2015

Many, many moons ago when I was a young little whippersnap, I ran a series here on the blog called "Friday's Dose of Delight". Basically, at the end of every week I would share a mini round-up of  DIY projects, articles, home decor, or other thingie-things from the www. that inspired and delighted me that week. You know things that caught my eye! I loved this series because I got to share fun finds with like-minded people, assuming most of  you are like me......95% abnormal.
I mean there's only a certain amount of glitter and plank wall discussions that the hubby can handle before he self-combusts with excitement!

So without further adieu, please give a warm welcome back to.....
Things I'm crushing on this week are..........

Have you seen any of the sneek peeks of Ikea's new collections that are coming in February?
The SPRUTT collection is my favorite so far.
Thinking this little guy may make its way into the playroom (think Lego storage!).

Original source here

IKEA 2015 SPRUTT cabinet

Speaking of the playroom, check out this playspace over at Lay Baby Lay-perfect inspiration for my camp-themed room! I'm particularly fond of the old school chalkboard.

Original source here

Ever wonder what the rule of thumb is in hanging curtains or picking a rug size for your dining room?
Design by Numbers has a round-up of  awesome decor tips and illustrations to help you.

Original source here

what size rug fits under queen bed

Love, love, this Neon Dash throw from Land of Nod !

These "Addicted to You" Flamingo Valentine cards from my friend, Mari, are off the chart FABULOUS!
Hurry over and check out her shop, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Original source here

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend! The wood floors in the playroom are getting put in on Sunday. EEK! I can not wait to get started on decorating this room!


Mari Orr Art said...

aaahhhh, so honored! Thank you for including me in your delightful roundup! I'm eyeing that Ikea thingamajig for lego storage too...might need a few of them. :/

Michelle Paige said...

I've missed these 'Friday Dose of Delights'! So fun! Love the cards!

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