Rug Pads and Hardwood Floors--Are They Compatible?

A few months ago I suffered from post-traumatic moving disorder (a real thing, I swear!) only exasperated by the fact that the moving service we hired to assist 
us almost ruined our hardwood floors.
To sum it up, they used tape to put paper down on the floors to protect 
them from dirt-- a BIG No-No!
After removing the tape later in the night I noticed some damage to the floor's finish. Long story short, after attempting many different techniques to try to repair it I ended up finding a way to recover it (check out Amish Wood Milk at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

Best Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Needless to say, ever since then I've been like a mama bear protecting her cubs when it comes to my wood floors, this includes being really picky about the type of rug pads I'll allow in my house. A matter of fact, I had just straight out banned them after discovering that most store-bought pads were low grade and could potentially do some major damage. Booooo.....
That's one reason I was immediately intrigued when Rug Pads USA reached out to me to review their rug pads. It's like they were reading a page right out of my diary.

Rug Pads USA has 8 different pad choices to choose from. Their website does an excellent job on breaking down the details of each pad in a clear and concise way so that you can pick out one that works best for your specific needs. I tested out the Superior Lock Non-Slip. Immediately upon opening the package I was highly impressed with the quality of the pad. They are nothing like the crappy, rubber-mesh like pads you see at most retailers--you know the ones that practically disintegrate after only a few months of use!

Outside of being made in the good ol' US of A, the other thing that I appreciated was that the company's pads are eco-friendly and not inundated with toxic PVC like most box-store brands are. They don't use any glue or chemicals, therefore, they're safe for many kinds of floors. 
A double bonus has been that now people's lives are no longer in danger when they enter our house.
Seriously, these pads don't not even a centimeter. They're very sturdy and durable.
So say sayonara to slippery rugs!
Yay, I think we can now lower our homeowner's insurance.

PS. Excuse the Christmas decor, these pics were taken before the holidays. I'm happy to report that our Christmas decor was packed up before February this year.

The other good news is that this mama cub has finally found her a rug pad that is worthy of being near my wood floors. I already have plans to purchase a pad from Rug Pads USA once I nail down a new rug for our kitchen, yep, that's how pleased I am with mine!
Seriously, since when did an adult become so fun? Haha! 
Don't you laugh at the things that we get excited about at this stage of life?

If you head over to Rug Pads USA to check things out for yourself , first, try not to pee yourself  then secondly, notice how affordable the pads are and they're are SO many sizes to choose from.
Free shipping too! Seriously, this is better than Ghirardelli's Dark Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates!
Okay, maybe I just took it a tad too far....It's runner-up to it.

Happy padding my friends!

**Disclaimer: Rug Pads USA did provide me a free rug pad in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own, except for those that I may have subconsciously inherited from my parents.

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