Friday's Dose of Delight | 2.13.2015

Hi friends! Hope you had a great week. Phew, I could not be more happier that the weekend is finally here! This week was filled with a handful of long works days, a little traveling for the job, and a night spent in the ER. Little B decided to face plant off a chair and earned himself five stitches right on the forehead. I went 32 years before I got my first set of stitches, he made it 19 months. Poor booger but I have to say he's been handling his boo boo like a champ.

Anyways, here's a round-up of a few things that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

Emily Henderson's recent post about the challenges/mixed emotions one faces as a mother (especially for the first time) totally resonated with me! Her post was meant as a fun little update on her kiddo but I think she did a great job nailing down all parts of motherhood; the funny, the scary,  the awesome, EVERYTHING.

This is a stunning DIY built-in bar from Cyndy over at The Creativity Exchange.
I'd love to do something like this when we finish our basement many years from now. LIKE. MANY. MANY. years from now.

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I'm not much of a if I was to die tomorrow you wouldn't find hoards of cats in my closets or tickets stubs from that magical moment in third grade when I swear Jordan Knight winked at me at the New Kids on The Block Concert. Ahem, I'm telling you it happened.
BUT you would find hundreds and hundreds of magazines.

I'm addicted to magazines and I'm always convinced that I need to hold onto know in case one day I decide I want to make that Boeuf  Bourguignon for dinner.
Soooooo basically I needed a new magazine to read like I needed a hole in the head, which is where Room to Create comes in. I just couldn't resist picking up it's first issue! Brand spanking new mag filled with tons of storage/studio/craft room inspiration from real bloggers and female entrepreneurs. 
I found mine at Michaels.  Grab yourself a copy and thank me later!

This is SO 2014, but I just learned of this colorful, eclectic line of home decor from Novogratz at, out of all places....Walmart.

I have vowed that this year would finally be the year that I would get my home and life organized. It's February and I've done nothing. Overachievers are SO overrated BUT in the meantime I love gathering up inspiration like this from Honey Were Home.

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Happy Valentine's Eve, by the way! Hope everyone has a super duper weekend.
We're planking the playroom walls this week, so I can expect you to come by and help Saturday, right?

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