Friday's Dose of Delight| 2.27.2015

Guess what y'all? We all survived another week! That deserves a glass of  pinot, or two.

Here's a few things that caught my eye this week.
They also deserve a glass of wine.

I have gone online to look back at this rug so many times I'm afraid
 it's going to file a restraining order against me soon.
The muted pink and plum colors, the tribal style....I'm lovesick.

Lauren Conrad's new Disney Cinderella line at Kohl's equals perfection.
Now you can live out the fairytale on a pauper budget.

I'm all for cute no-sew teepees!
Remember I said I may attempt one for the playroom?
Just think of how cool it would be to hide in there.
I could drink my wine in peace.

Do you follow the Scary Mommy blog?
There's some hilarious stuff over there!
This post "You Know You have Toddler When...." is spot on, 
although Little B has yet to pee on any store floors. Stay tuned.

I've been searching my house for something to "herringbone" (that sounds a little weird) ever since I saw this little DIY table on Infarrantly Creative.

What caught your eye this week?!

Have a delightful weekend! I'm itchin to get some craft time in this weekend. I know it's been awhile since I've shared anything non-house related and trust me, I'm starting to have withdrawals!

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Our Pinteresting Family said...

Love all of these. Especially the table. :)

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