Playroom Makeover: Let's Play "Ketchup"

Let's play "ketchup" on the playroom, shall we?

Insert cheesy pun picture. 
I couldn't help myself!

Last week I revealed take two of Little B's nursery in the new house.
I mentioned that we would be getting started on the playroom next and I'm proud to say that I stuck to my word; not a common occurrence when it comes to my to-do lists (hence why it took 6 months to get to the nursery!) 

I first shared my plans for the outdoorsy-camping-woodland-adventurous-explorer-too-many-adjectives-to describe playroom back in December.
Some of you may recall the little mood board I put together highlighting the general look and feel that I'm aiming for in this room.

Today I wanted to share the status of the playroom last week, the status of it this week, and hopefully, the status of what it will look like in the near future after I execute what's been going on in my head (including a few DIY projects we have up our sleeves!)

Prepare to feel underwhelmed and feast your eyeballs on the playroom as of  last Hump Day.
We pretty much moved into this house and just tossed the toys into this case you couldn't tell.

This is technically an office space that adjoins to both our kitchen and laundry room.
Since we spend most of our time on the main level, we thought it would make more sense to turn it into the playroom and to put my office upstairs in a bedroom that is currently being unused.

A few weeks ago, I painted the room white;well, Benjamin Moore Pristine to be exact.
Let me tell you, until you paint a space white you have NO idea how many shades of white there are out there in the world. Bajillions! How to choose the correct shade is a story for a whole other day.
In the mean time, I love how the room instantly looked more fresh, bright, and clean.

Then about a week ago, the playroom plans took an unexpected turn...a good one though.
We decided to tear out the carpet and replace the floor with hardwood.
I took a  vote over on the Delightfully Noted  Facebook and Instagram  page.
The catch was we had to pick some something that would transition well with the existing hardwood from the kitchen which butts right up to the playroom door.
# 3 was the winner in the end!

The floor guy came in last Saturday to install it.
We're so happy with the end results.

Amazing what a difference just a few changes can make to a room.

But we're not done! So let's wrap up this post talking about a few DIY projects we have up our sleeve.

Rustic light fixtures, perhaps, a no-sew teepee (if I'm brave enough), and a wall gallery are all in the works but as I mentioned before, this room was intended to be an office and
as you can see there are no closets.
A playroom with out storage space is a tragedy, so we have to
be creative and that is where this wall comes into place.

I thought the window wall would make for a perfect space for some built-ins, so we've been working up a few sketches for creating  some storage space there with inexpensive builder grade cabinets.
To keep with the outdoorsy-woodsy theme, we plan on doing a grey washed semi-planked wall above the cabinets , along both sides of the window.
I'm thinking some floating white shelves on top of the plank wall will help add more space for some of the room's decor.

I also have this kid's table I scored at the Goodwill when I was with child for only $2 buckaroos.
I've been dying to make it over (the top of it has some scribbled out pink floral mural on it) for the past year and half and now is the time.....problem is, I don't know what the heck to do with it? Paint it a solid color, stencil it, do something funky with the legs?

So there's the 4-1-1 on the playroom.

What do you think I should do with the little table? Opinions welcomed!
Leave your comments and suggestions below or come over and chat with me on Facebook and Instagram!


Unknown said...

Just an idea..chalkboard paint the top of the table!! Good luck! I'm always so inspired by your creativity! Can't wait to see the end result :)

Katie said...

you are awesome and i can't wait to see it! i love the hardwood floors!!

Mari Orr Art said...

love white walls in kids spaces! and love the progress and plans, sounds like it's going to be perfect spot for play. I had plans to build a tepee for the longest time and never got around to it, excited to see how yours turns out. and call me crazy, but I would paint the tabletop white. since there's so much already going on or planning to be going on.

I'd love to hear from you!