DIY Easter Idea:No-Sew Burlap Bunny Ear Gift Bags

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing some bunny ear-inspired burlap gift bags that you can whip up in mere minutes, which is good considering some fool by the name of Daylight Savings swooped in and stole an hour from us this weekend. Rude. As if we already don't have enough time in the 
day to finish everything we need to do, right?!

easter craft
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These sweet little no-sew gift bags are so simple to create and are perfect for holding candy, eggs, and other small gift items like jewelry and toys.
I'm thinking ahead to Easter gifts for Little B's daycare teachers and stuffed my gift bags with mini hand sanitizers. Trust me, the fact that for once I'm ahead of the game and already thinking of a holiday over a month away is abnormal and yes, I will place a call into my therapist soon. 
Clearly, something is wrong with me.

So here's the supplies you'll need to make your own bunny ear bags.

Rubber band, twine, or ribbon (to tie the bags close)
Glue Gun
Bow Tie Embellishments (find an assortment here)

Easter craft ideas

To get started, trim your piece of burlap down to a strip of fabric that will be enough to fully cover what ever it is you're gifting. Make sure to cut enough extra burlap to pull up to shape into bunny ears at the top of your bag. Go liberal with your cuts because you can always trim your ears later. 
Well, not your ears but the "ears" on the bag. This isn't a Vincent van Gogh craft, silly.
Once your burlap is cut, fold it in half (so that the bottom of the fabric now meets the top of the fabric).
Take your glue gun and adhere the sides of your bag together
(see image below)

making crafts with burlap

Now that the sides of your burlap are glued down, slip in your treats or gift, and then pull up the top of the bag and shape into bunny ears.This is something you'll need to take a few seconds to play with since there's really no wrong or right way to do this but I kind of used a technique as if I was putting a twisty tie back onto a bread bag.

After you're happy with your ears, go ahead and secure them with ribbon or twine, a rubber band will work too. You can trim your ears at this time too if one is
 longer than the other or you think they need more shaping.

bunny crafts for easter

For the final step, glue a bow tie over the twine/ribbon or any other embellishment you think will add pizzazz to your little gift bags. Yes, I just said pizzazz.  Pizzazz, pizzazz....seriously, there needs to be more pizzazzing in this world, don't you think?

DIY Easter ideas

Easter favor bags

Easter favors

Pretty easy, right? These would be cute for a bunny-themed birthday or baby shower too.
I'm thinking of creating a few more for my tween nieces and slipping in nail polish or lip gloss for them.

Has anyone else started working on Easter baskets yet?
I seriously can't wait for spring but I do hate this whole time change thing!
I need to be hooked up to a caffeine IV. Stat!

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Jamie said...

That is adorable and looks pretty easy to do!! I'm always looking for cute little things for friends, and this is perfect! Pinning it!

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Very cute… and a great bargain too!
Thanks for linking up at the Talented Tuesday Link Party! I hope you head across again this week to link up :-)

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