Friday's Dose of Delight| 3.21.2015

Hi friends! Phew, here we are capping off another week! 
I hope it was a good one for you.
I'm praying that this weekend we complete the built-ins in the playroom 
and then I can get to the best part.....decorating!
Of course, I'll share more deets on the room soon.

In the mean time, here's a few things that caught my eye recently.

These Little Golden Book-inspired plates from World Market are SO darling.
I'm convinced that Little B needs them.

I cannot stop swooning over these origami lampshades.
That is some serious folding skillz (as the hip kids like to say these days)

This "I Ignore The News to Stay Sane Article" on Scary Mommy seriously spoke to my heart!
It couldn't come as a better time, as I've been self-debating unfollowing all news media outlets on Facebook.
 It's getting harder and harder to find this perfect balance between staying up on the news while also not becoming this jaded, paranoid spaz.

Does anyone else feel that way?!

Pretty impressed with this $2k  home makeover.
Yes, just $2k!

See all of the renovations here

I need to make my little bunny a shirt like this.
It's SO cute!
Oh wait, I forgot I'm already buying him the plates.

Tutorial here

Have a delightful weekend everyone!


Our Pinteresting Family said...

I love that plate. I need to check those out asap. Good luck with the built in project. We are both in playroom mode aren't we? :)

Jenny said...

LOVE the Pokey Little Puppy Plates! Too cute! Also... YES to the Scary Mommy article. I quit watching the news years ago, and have pretty much deserted Facebook for the same reasons. This may sound corny or ultra-conservative, but I think God made men and women differently. My husband is much better equipped emotionally to handle the news. So... I get my news filtered through him. If there's something going on in the world that he thinks I need to know about, he tells me. Carefully. Or if I hear something and get up the guts to ask him for a few details, he answers me sensitively. I'm not saying women shouldn't watch the news. I'm saying I know I shouldn't watch the news, and I'm thankful I have a husband who stays in the know so I don't have to. And to be honest, he doesn't watch the news either. He mostly reads newspapers. If there's something dangerous and urgent enough that we absolutely must know about it right this instant, my dad will be calling us. :)

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