January and February in Review: Can I Just Snuggle Through March?

I know, I know....it's the "time goes faster as you get older" adage BUT seriously how is it already March?
Although, I can't complain, I do wish Spring would get here sooner.
Any who, this is how the kickoff to 2015 went down here on the ol' bloggity-blog.
It's been rather quiet here in regards to me sharing small craft projects but I feel we've been extremely proactive when it comes to some of our larger scale home projects at the new house....and by we, I mean my hubby, and any other poor soul we've hired to come in an execute the thoughts that bounce around in my head. The good news is they all survived.

In case you missed anything, here's what went down in January and February.

I finally found a rug pad worthy enough to touch my hardwood floors.
Psshh...I don't know what better way to start off a new year than that!

I gained world-wide fame and instantly became a millionaire for doing pretty much nothing when my "Heart of Gold" Valentine printable was featured in the pages of All You magazine.
Oh wait, that may have been an excerpt from Kim Kardashian's autobiography.

I transformed a pretty blah wreath into Cinderella.

I revealed Baby B's nursery......again.
Since then, I murdered that aloe plant.

I shared the new floors in the playroom.

I bought Valentine's Day cards and then kept them for my self.

I sucker punched bland hardware straight in the face.
POW! Take that!

Shared progress on the playroom planked accent wall along with 13 other inspiring wood wall ideas.

Last but least, I revealed my addiction.....well, one of them.

I'm excited to see what March has to bring here on the DN.
Once our cabinets arrive (seriously, longest three weeks of my life EVER) for the playroom built-in,that space should really start to take off.
 I can't wait to share all the fun decor items and additional plans I have for it!
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Our Pinteresting Family said...

You've been very busy! I love your wreath and those playroom floors are amazing. Can't wait to see what you are up to this month.

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