Mrs. Goodwill Hunting: Latest Thirft Store Finds

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to thrifting. Thrifting is my drug of choice. I have to stop at a Goodwill at least once a week or I start to have withdrawals. I'm always on the hunt for some new fix.
I don't thrift shop for clothes, that's never really been my thing. My habit centers around the home decor. I love the thrill of the hunt, you know finding things for just a few dollars and transforming them into something stylish and fun. Plus, by buying second hand I'm supporting a charity or some kind of good cause. And I'm pretty sure that's really important every year when Santa sits down to decide who is
and who isn't on his naughty list.
I have found a lot of goodies lately at our local Goodwill.
Here are a few of my latest finds.

Latest Thrift Store Fine

I picked up this round side table for just $4 buckaroos.
I love it's lines and I guess you can say it has mid-century "ish" style.
It's label says it's from the Hickory Manufacturing Company. 
I had never heard of them but thanks to my good ol' friend Google, I found that they're a furniture company based out of Hickory, North Carolina.
They've been around for over a 100 years and they sell REALLY nice stuff, which doesn't surprise me because this table is a solid piece of furniture. Aside from just a little clean-up (you can see the wood in the base of the table needs a little re-staining), it's an excellent shape.
The question is, what should I do with it?
Leave it as is? I do like the two tones of the white and wood but I also can see transforming it into a fun piece with a pop of color on the bottom. Coral? Bluish?

Ever wonder what happens to Target clearance that nobody buys? They donate it to Goodwill.
I've recently hit a jackpot of brand new Target items at our local Goodwill.
Take these monogrammed coasters for example...
Everybody and their dog probably saw these coasters at Target over the holidays.
I stalked them the whole season looking for "B's' every time I stepped foot into that store.
And trust me, you do not want to know how often my feet step into that darn store.
Target had an abundance of them towards the end of the season but I still never found my "B" but I did find and me and my hubby's initials last week during one of GW stops.
I brought both sets home for just two dollars. 
Pound. Chest bump to that!

I am even MORE excited about my other Target-Goodwill find; these 
rustic style, windowpane collage frames.
They're from their popular Threshold brand and were original close to $25 a piece.
I scored a pair of them for just $10.

Last but not least, this wooden box crate caught my eye right away. 
I've seen so many table centerpiece ideas on Pinterest with boxes like this and I love them all.
I'm thinking of lining up some mason jars in there and adding fresh flowers to the jars 
and putting it somewhere in my kitchen. 
Somebody needs to bring Spring around here, since Mother Nature seems to be slacking on her job duties!

So do you frequent thrift shops?
What some of your latest fun finds?

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Jeanette said...

What awesome finds! That table is fabulous and you could paint it any color! What scores!

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