Thinking Outside of the Box: 17 Clever Ways to Repurpose a Box

Home and garden information hub, Hometalk, recently invited me to curate a board of repurposed box ideas for their newsletters. Challenge accepted! I personally love seeing the clever ways that people recycle items and am excited to share a few of my favorites with you today.
I couldn't even believe that some of these were at one time plain' ol cardboard!
These people really thought outside of the box. 
Haha! Get it?
Oh, I crack myself up.

17 Clever Ways to Repurpose a Box

Boxes cut into picture frames, seriously, why didn't I think of this? Genius!

Looks like expensive "Pottery Barn" baskets, doesn't it?

Seriously, this cigar box turned beautiful marbeled jewelry box BLOWS me away!

Create cute gift tags out of cereal boxes.
Makes me want to run out and buy some Lucky Charms now!

STUNNING French-inspired crates.
I would love to attempt to create some farmhouse styled boxes like this!

Socks blown away yet? Which one is your favorite?
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Make sure to check out the rest of the board over at Hometalk and get ready to be inspired!

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