Friday's Dose of Delight| 4.24.2015

Yahoo! It's Friday! After a two week Dose of Delight hiatus, I'm excited to be back this Friday with some of my favorite finds from the thee ol' world wide web. It's a fun one! It involves ice cream  for PMSing. 'Nuff said. Enjoy!

Tired of hearing about my One Room Challenge shenanigans? Then feast your eyes on this lovely dining room makeover from participant, House Updated. I am SO smitten with this gallery wall that Britt was working on and can't wait to see the final results! Seriously, like cotton candy for the if that makes any sense. It's Friday. Gimme a break people! Point is a LURRVE it.

Finally, there's an ice cream that feels your PMSing pain...sort of.
Although, "Don't Come Near Me or I Will Shank You"  seems like a ridunkously long flavor title, it needs to be added to the collection. PRONTO!

Have you ever dreamed of buying a camp site? Yeah, me neither, until I came across this article!
A Chicago couple purchased Camp Wandawega (the husband's family use to go there for family retreats) and restore the rundown property.
I'm not even what you would consider an "outdoorsy" type of gal (remember my deep seated fear of opossums?) but this looks like SO much fun!

Were any of you lucky enough to score some Lily Pulitzer swag at Target this past weekend?
I totally slept through my alarm. HA! Alarm? Who am I kidding?
I was half asleep on the couch trying to act excited about  a Thomas the Train episode that I've seen twenty times in the past week.

How sweet is this vintage cake tin light pendant from Adventures of Mel?
Such a unique idea. It had me at cake.......

Have a delightful weekend everyone!
Make sure to stop by next week to see our playroom updates. 
Only 2 more weeks left of the One Room Challenge


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Jenny said...

I love cotton candy, so yes, that makes perfect sense. ;) Those vintage cake tin pendants are really cool. Have you seen all the posts about Camp Wandawega at The Lettered Cottage? Lots of beautiful photos. :)

Michelle Paige said...

I always love your Friday Dose of Delights! I'm going to check out Camp Wandawega now!

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