I Got 99 Problems (One Room Challenge Playroom Week 3)

Happy Thursday and welcome to the ORC week 3, not to be confused with OCD....although after this week I'm quite certain the level at which I have thought about this room was borderline obsessive-compulsive. You can read more about the One Room Challenge along with our plans 
and last week's progress here.

Most of this week's  room accomplishments have been in
 the form of window shopping on the internet.
I've been on the hunt for some cute throw pillows and I'm quite certain I have searched every nook and cranny of the world wide web. 

The good news is I did actually have some recent success in the knob department. I was super excited about these little plaid guys that I stumbled upon at the Land of Nod Outlet. Just 4 of them sitting alone in a clearance box, the exact  number I needed and in the room's colors too. It's like they were meant to be! The icing on top was that they rang up even cheaper at checkout. 
Don't you just love when that happens?

Land of Nod Plaid Knobs

We'll be adding the knobs to the smaller cabinets in the middle.
Next up, find coordinating knobs or pulls for the outside cabinets.
This hasn't been an easy task. These cabinets are TALL and I feel like normal size pulls look so disproportionate. Does anyone know where the Green Giant shops for hardware?

Delightfully Noted: Creating Storage in a Playroom.DIY Built-In Cabinets

So you would think that within a week we would have accomplished a lot more than bringing home a bag of knobs, right? Unfortunately, I've been working really long hours on a HUGE work project and most of my time has been consumed by that and keeping a little human alive.

There are also a few minor things in regards to the built-ins that have kind of stumped and stalled us.

Problemo Numero Uno
See the vent opening in the picture above?  Yeah, so.... we can't find a floor vent to fit it.
While building the floor base, my husband measured the original floor vent and made sure that the opening was the same size but for some reason everything sold in the stores is close, but no cigar.
At this point, we most likely will need to custom order one somewhere, somehow.

Problemo Numero Dos
We're having a difficult time finding a way to fill the gaps between the cabinets and the side walls.
We originally thought that we would cover it with some quarter round but we can't find any wide enough.
My solution is to just slip some MDF board in there but apparently those also don't come in the measurements that we need them.
See a theme here? Sizing is not in our favor lately.

Delightfully Noted: Creating Storage in a Playroom.DIY Built-In Cabinets

Just think of all the things a toddler can stick in there to be lost forever...........

Problemo Numero Tres
I scored two of these caged plug-in pendant lights from Target many, many moons ago when this playroom was just a little twinkle in my eye. They were in the clearance section and marked down significantly.
My plan from the beginning was to spray paint them and hang one on each side of the window on the planked wall BUT then one day I realized that would look RIDUNKULOUS with the cords slopplily draping up and down my wall.
I was worried about putting them in other sections of the room where they would be accessible to little hands. Last time I checked you don't win Mother of the Year letting your child play with long, hanging electrical cords.  I think I've come up with Plan B but it requires more work and another project on our to-do list. Womp, womp.

So that's where we are with the playroom. 
I got 99 problems.
No seriously, I got 99 problems.
Nah, really in the grande scheme of things I would say we're pretty lucky in regards to how smoothly this project has gone so far. Hurry! Knock on wood.
Oh! Speaking of wood.......I also started painting the futon.
Well, technically I primed it.
You may recall me talking about it here.
I'm trying to cutify it, funk it up a bit.
Futon, funk you up....Futon, funk you up.
Yes, I've inhaled too many fumes lately.

Let me make this clear....if I ever mention painting a futon again let's all agree that I should be waterboarded.
Painting all those angles is a pain in my arse! 

Okay, enough of me rambling! Make sure to stop by next week to see what kind of new shenanigans I get myself into. Don't forget to swing over and see what the other ORC participants are up to!

PS. Thanks to everyone who stopped by last week and left comments!
Unfortunately, some of you were no reply commenters (no email attached to your username) so I could not directly reply back but I truly do appreciate the kind words you left!

PPS. Come hang out with me on Instagram and Facebook 
where I'll be sharing little sneak peeks of the room!

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The Raw House Project said...

LOVE those knobs and the cabinets and wall look amazing!! Hope you can figure something out for that gap...what about lattice board?

Amy W said...

I bought the same open fixture lamps at Target (Disregard the awful not finished room main picture) and I wrapped my cords with a bright yarn and made it a statement piece instead of trying to hide the cord. Just a thought! http://www.delineateyourdwelling.com/2014/05/how-to-wrap-open-light-fixture-cord.html

Jenny said...

It's coming along!! :) Jen at i Heart Organizing used an extra piece of toe kick as filler between some of her new kitchen cabinets. Maybe that would work for yours? Her post is HERE. Also, for the large cabinet doors, what about using some window handles? I remember thinking they were cool on some sliding closet doors Layla at The Lettered Cottage did. That post is HERE. Hope you find some solutions! :)

Heathered Nest said...

So funny. And it's gonna look so so good!

Unknown said...

Haha, your post made me laugh. And yes, I can't believe you are taking the time to paint the futon - I'd have a claw for a hand with all that painting! :)

Michelle Paige said...

LOVE those knobs! I can only imagine what a pain painting that futon would be. It's looking great, hang in there-- can't wait to see your next post.

making it in the mountains said...

Those knobs!!! Definitely meant to be!!! Looks like you're making great progress! Can't wait to see what's up next!

Unknown said...

No problemo, no fun ;) Hope you find solutions to the challenges!

Melissa @aprudentlife said...

Oh. My. Gosh. CRACKING UP at the Futon, Funk You Up paragraph. I may also be upper body dancing in my chair. Maybe because I've inhaled a LOT of paint fumes this week too. You guys killed it this week even with the 99 problems.

Anonymous said...

You're lookin' pretty good for 99 problems. Hopefully you'll find something to work for the awkward measurements.

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