Playroom: So...Let Me Catch You Up! (One Room Challenge Week #2)

If you're a fan of legally stalking people's houses, then you're
are going to love what I tell you next. 
I'm super excited to be linking up to the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda, the face behind the Calling it Home Blog! This is a twice a year event in which Linda invites 20 decorating goddesses to transform a room in their home in six short weeks, they share their progress every Wednesday.
On Thursdays, she opens up the event to anyone else who would like to participate!
I was a spectator last year and spent hours oogling everyone's project. 
Seriously, it's chock full of inspiration! I decided to join in on the fun this time because it's just the kick in the pants that we need to wrap up this darn playroom we've been working on. 

I'm a week late to the challenge (that's me, always fashionably late) ,
so....let me quickly catch you up!
In case you're new here (hi, welcome!)or have developed amnesia, we recently moved and are currently attempting to convert an office with no storage space into a playroom for our lil'guy. Here's the mood board I put together highlighting the look I'm aiming for.
It's the outdoorsy-camping-woodland-adventurous-too-many-words-to-describe-theme.

Outdoorsy Camp Woodland Theme Playroom

 Here's a few "before"pics of the room.
Get ready to feel underwhelmed.

The first thing I did was to get rid of the tan walls and painted the room a nice white, Benjamin Moore Pristine to be exact.
Ahhh....much cleaner, right?

In the beginning of February, we had the carpet replaced with wood flooring.

Then we got to work on the plank wall and DIY built-ins
 and this where are progress started to yo-yo.

Some days we'd make lots of progress and then we'd go a week where we let our full time jobs, a toddler, and The Walking Dead slow us down. Hence, why I joined the One Room Challenge.
 We need to get 'er done!

So I'm happy to report and show you that we've come a long way on the featured wall in the past week and half and the built-ins are nearing the finish line in regards to that part of the room.
And let me just clarify, by "we", I really
mean my "hubby", I'm just the project manager who gives orders and wrangles 1 year olds from hammering their fingers to the wall.

We started on the cubbies for additional storage, but still need to add a shelf in the middle section.

DIY Plank Wall With Built-In Cabinets

We got the toe kick boards cut and nailed in. Exciting stuff, right?
AND yes, that is indeed a hint of a futon that you see in the right side of the picture.
The hubby put the kibosh on buying a new yellow couch and we had this thing just taking up real estate in the basement so I have plans to cute-ti-fy it (that's a real word, I swear!)

Lastly, some of you may have already seen this but I also got a new rug for the room.
More about that here.

Eventually, I plan on sharing more step-by -step pics and tutorials for
all of our projects in this room, so stay tuned!

There are still a lot of little things that need to be done to complete the built-in (chaulking, quarter rounding, and painting everything so that it's all the same white) but I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, this means I'll be able to start decorating the room soon and start working on a few other DIY projects I have planned out for this space, like putting in a Mommy's Wine Bar. Wink, wink.

I'll be sharing sneak peeks over on Instagram, so feel free to come hang out with me!

Now make sure to trot on over to Calling It Home to check out everyone else who is participating in the challenge!

UPDATE: See week 3 here.
See week 4 here.


Michelle Paige said...

Love your progress and especially the plank wall, it looks amazing! I've never heard of the One Room Challenge, I must check it out when I have a few hours to burn!

Jenny said...

Looking good! I'm always amazed at how adding built-ins actually makes a room look bigger. You'd think it'd be the other way 'round, but nope! :)

Amy said...

The toadstool ikea kids stool is SUPER cute. But I have to warn you, we have hose exact stools for our co-op preschool and our kids can BARELY stay on the stools as it is (our group is 2-3). I think if I put something like that on there they'd all slide off instantly! They are absolutely adorable, though! Great progress! said...

awesome.. I love the wood paneling

Wendy said...

Wow! Love the wall & the built-ins!

Unknown said...

Okay - I absolutely love your outdoor camp theme! That plank wall with all that storage is just perfect for a playroom. What a difference already!!

Heathered Nest said...

Super duper fun mood board, and I LOVE the feature wall!!! Can I come over for a playdate??!

Melissa @aprudentlife said...

Yep - the ORC is definitely legal house stalking! I'm so glad you jumped in because this is going to be the coolest playroom ever. We don't even have kids and I want that mood board IN MY HOUSE. So much goodness!

Melissa @aprudentlife said...

Yep - the ORC is definitely legal house stalking! I'm so glad you jumped in because this is going to be the coolest playroom ever. We don't even have kids and I want that mood board IN MY HOUSE. So much goodness!

Casa Vilora Interiors said...

I love your plank wall! It already looks so good!

sabrina said...

I wish I had a playroom that looked half as good as this growing up! I'm so excited to see how you finish this off. . . if "The Walking Dead" doesn't get in the way (you're too funny!)

Improvement List said...

Oh, all that storage is making me drool;)

Anonymous said...

The built-ins look great, and I'm sure they'll be super useful in a playroom. Good luck with your project!

Anonymous said...

I love everything you have already done with this room. It looks so good! Excited to see where this room ends up!

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