The Panic Room...I mean PlayRoom (One Week Challenge Week 4)

EEK! Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge! You can catch up here and here but to sum it up quickly for you, I'm participating in a six week challenge to transform our offspring's playroom and I may or may not be great at math (just don't ask my Freshman algebra teacher) but I'm pretty sure we only have two short weeks to go! Enter panic mode. NOW.

For every project we seem to mark off our to-do list, I turn around and add another ten to it BUT.....
before I hyperventilate let me acknowledge the fact that we found solutions to two of the biggest issues I mentioned were delaying us last week in finishing the built-ins; the wall/cabinet gap and the floor vent.

Exhibit A) Just look at this unfilled space screaming out "Hey,You! Little Squirt! Come feed me chicken nuggets or better yet why don't you slip me those car keys you're always insisting on playing with!"

Exhibit B) The gap between the walls and the cabinets have now been filled.
Phew. Now you can sleep tonight

PS. You can read more here on why filling this space was so complicated!

DIY Built-In Cabinets for Playroom

 Some say there's no evidence that dinosaurs and man co-existed. I'm going to add awkward sized floors vents to that. We searched, not a stone was left unturned......

So we improvised and we now have a floor vent.... a rather stylish one.
That's a story for another day.

The hubby caulked the entire built-in and now we just need to paint the ledges, quarter round and window sill.  It's hard to tell in pictures but there's about five different whites on that section of the wall right now.

I'm also ecstatic to tell you that I FINALLY finished painting the futon!
Who cares that my hand is now suffering from arthritis. #clawhand
I purchased a new yellow slipcover for it  (the old one was an ugly velvet hunter green ) and I'm loving how it looks against the black and white rug.

Outdoorsy Camp Themed Playroom : Making Over a Futon

As you can see, someone else is a big fan of it too.

I think we are all in agreement that the decorating part is typically the most fun when it comes to making over a room but I'm really struggling this time.

I've been collecting wall art and decor items for months now to go into this playroom but if you recall my inspiration room is quite colorful, there's pops of green, red, black, white, blue.... and I'm just not used to working with SO many colors. Wish me luck that in the end this doesn't look like a Crayola box of crayons vomited all over this space!

Vintage Kids Camp Sign

To Do List:

Paint Room
Replace Carpet
Plank Wall
Create Built-In/ Cubby Space
Paint Built-In All One White
Make Window Treatment
Buy or DIY Window Hardware
Find Cabinet Pulls
Hang Wall Art
Make over Ugly Fan
Paint Kid's Table
Paint Futon
Change Slipcover
Build Caged Light Hanger
Paint Canoe/Boat Shelf
Place Orders for a Few More Decor Items
Polish Off a Bottle of Wine....Or Two
Lie in Fetal Position and Cry

Hopefully, the other participants are holding their ish together just like me!
Check'em out here.


Unknown said...

It's looking awesome...well done!!

june olsen said...

love that yellow/black/white colour combo against those (is that??) pale grey walls!! This is going to be fab!!

Sam | Away She Went said...

That yellow slipcover looks great with the black and white rug! It's all starting to come together! I can't wait to see the final reveal in a couple weeks!

Michelle Paige said...

Your futon looks amazing! You've done so much! This is going to be so impressive once it's done!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Looks great so far! Love the wood paneling on the wall!

Dana Frieling said...

You guys made it through some tedious work this week. Keep it up, it's looking great!

Kim said...

I am a fan of black, yellow and red ... did my kitchen in it and am still smiling! Way to go! You've got this!

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to figure out some great solutions to your gap and vent problems. Doing great!

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