Dose of Delight | 05.21.2015

Happy Friday! Happy Memorial Day. Happy three day weekend.
Are you cooking out? Snoozing out (oh, how I wish!)? Traveling?
We have a very uneventful weekend planned and trust me, I'm not complaining.

On that note, I'll just stop shootin the breeze and get straight to are all the favorite
 links from this week.

21 Surprising Stats About How Much Crap We Actually Own
#6 does not surprise me... my one year old is on a mission to top that.
#19 DOES surprise me a bit (says the person who still can't find the new blouse she bought the other day).

What’s better than custom portraits of your kids? Free custom portraits of your kids. Yes, FREE.

Create your own cute print here:

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, AND look ma there's fruit!

As the school year comes to a close, some of you may find this handy.
Let's just all agree that lingerie as a gift to your kiddo's teacher is never a good idea. Unless you're looking to have a restraining order filed against you, then more power to ya.

 pin from the original source, please

Speaking of summer , doesn't Mother Nature realize I'm still shedding my winter sweater body?
For those of you ready to hit the beach, here's 14 delightful places you may want to check out SOON.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Laura Darling said...

Those little star fruit treats are amazing!!! So fun!

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