Dose of Delight | 5.14.2015

Happy Fridayyyy! I'm still recovering from the One Room Challenge and struggling in trying to get the rest of the house back in order. It was seriously neglected during the playroom remodel and if I don't tackle the mountains of laundry soon we will have to convert to nudism.
 I am hoping to be back next week with a project tutorial or two.

In the mean time, here's a few fun, inspiring, interesting things that caught my eye this week.

You've been cleaning your sheets all wrong.

Speaking of sheets, I've been dying to roll around in these adorable flamingo sheets from Martha Stewart.

This round-up of 25 inspiring pantries curated by Everyday Enchanting is...well, inspiring.
Let's all pause for a moment and absorb how purrrty this pantry is.

Add # 2, 439 to my crafty to-do list because
I so want to make this sign for our guest room!

You can see more over at A Prudent Life.

We're planning on painting our shutters and front door this summer
This should come in handy!

 Ugh! The laundry is calling! See you all next week. 
Have a delightful weekend.

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Jenny said...

Fun! I am thinking about painting our front door a dark charcoal gray and adding shutters in the same color. :) Also... I am a complete laundry slacker. Our sheets are LUCKY if they get washed once a month. Like, I would feel totally on top of keeping house if I did them that often. No joke. And, washing the duvet cover? Umm... never. I don't think it would fit in my washer, and when in the world am I going to take the time to go to a commercial laundry? It's all good. I have washed the boys' quilts, though. Like maybe once a year. They are so nice and fluffy afterward! Ha. :)

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