Dose of Delight | 5.29.2015

I hope you had a great week! Here are all of the favorite links from this week. 
It's weren't planning on working anyways, were you? Enjoy!

Did you see the news? 
Silhouette America, yes, the company that brought us the crafty-jack-of-all-trades Silhouette machine just announced there will be a historical roll out of over 80+ new products this fall.
I'm personally excited about the printable cotton fabric. 
Oh! And the glow-in-the-dark vinyl...because one can never have too much of that.

Did you miss the big news? Silhouette America recently announced the largest rollout of new products in the company’s history.

 I know, I's the end of the week and who wants to talk about work, right?
But seriously, all of these desk accessories are sure to make you a less disgruntled human being.

Geez...say that ten times fast!

Do you think in about 30 years there will be articles about how to give your kids a 21st century summer?

These are cute for a party but not for an everyday snack idea....unless of course, you're Barbie.

Have a delightful weekend!

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Michelle Paige said...

I'm loving all those creative and fun desk accessories! Have a great week-end!

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