Kid's Moon & Star Party Inspiration

I've gone into full party planning mode in the past few days AND by "planning" I really mean "pinning".
Little B's birthday is just a little over a month away and I've done absolutely nothing.
The playroom remodel ....aka the "energy vampire" seriously took a bite out my motivation to do anything other than to sit around and eat caramel pretzel Klondike bars all day (yes, such a thing exists and yes, they're fantastic). Most people wouldn't panic at this point but for anyone who knows me they know I'm a planner. I'm detailed-obsessed when it comes to parties. In other words, I'm really obnoxious.
The good news is a I do have a theme(enter "clapping hand" emojis here).

Similar to how I decorate, I always like to create mood boards for my parties.
It's a great way to tie down all of the ideas I have frantically bouncing around in my head.
Here's my inspiration for Little B's  "Moon & Star" party!


A Kid's Moon & Star Party

I decided on this theme because Little B is obsessed with all things moon....or "mo" as he calls it.
Even though kid's space parties are pretty common, I always like to put my own spin on things similar to last year's wiener dog party. The question is whether I'll have the energy to pull this off?!
The invitation has nothing to do with the celestial world but it's colors were what inspired me for the party color scheme and things kind of took off from there! 

So what do you guys think? Anyone else planning a party these days?
Would you like to come join me for a drink?

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