16 Frame-Worthy Tea Towels: Because Sometimes You're Too Pretty to Dry Dishes

If my tea towel obsession is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
I love e'm. I can stare at them until the cows come home.
I guess you can say I have a mild obsession with them.
Okay, "mild" may be an understatement BUT seriously, some of them are just sooooo dang pretty and cute and I don't want them to spend the rest of their life just being any ol' "rag".
No,they deserve better than that.
Everyone deserves their 'Cinderella moment', right?

So just what exactly do they deserve? How about framing them and hanging them up?!
No need to reserve them just for the kitchen either--nope, think nurseries, offices, powder rooms!
Your walls would welcome them with open arms and it's an inexpensive way to add art work to your home.

Lucky for you, today I'm sharing 16 frame-worthy tea towels.
Just go grab your hammer now and thank me later!

 (I've been obsessed with this towel ever since I saw a fellow decor-obsessed 
Instagrammer who hung it in her kitchen!)

Dala Horse| Mermaid| Birds-Source Unknown (if someone knows let me know!)

Spring Poppies | Pineapple Jacquard | Bring on the Bake Off

Pig Cuts Butcher Towel

Which ones your favorite? Would you hang a towel on your wall?

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Jenny said...

Love this!! Some friends and I were just talking about this exact thing a few weeks ago. One friend had just bought a new house, and another friend (who's an interior designer) helped her decorate it. We were all admiring the art in the dining room, and I was surprised to learn that they were framed tea towels! :)

Jenny said...

I really like the food trucks towels. :) I have been eyeing the state towels from Cat Studio for a while now. I've seen them in person several times at boutique / craft shows, and I love them! I couldn't bring myself to spend $20 on a dish towel, but now that I think of it as potential wall art, it doesn't seem so intimidating! ;) http://www.catstudio.com/shop/dishtowels.html

I'd love to hear from you!