Dose of Delight| 6.12.2015

I know you're getting ready for the weekend, and that's great. You deserve it. But before you check out, I'd love if you'd take a couple minutes to fill out my 2015 Reader Survey. It's quick and anonymous AND I want YOUR honest feedback before I move forward with my changes! 
Did I mention it's quick and anonymous, already?
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HUGE, wet, granny kiss to those of who you have already shared their thoughts and opinions.

You know what else I want to kiss? This weekend. I have been looking forward to this weekend for months! Here is this week's favorite links and happenings.

On Saturday I'll be heading to Rockford, Illinois to get my shop on at the Urban Farmgirl's Main Street Market. If you're local (or over an hours drive like me!) you should check it out. Over 100 vendors selling their handmade and vintage wares. 
Just saying that makes my heart flutter.
You can check out the deets here.
I'm sure I'll be overgramming over on IG, so you can window shop vicariously through me over there (username: @delightnoted)


I seriously need to reconsider our morning babysitter, Mickey OR my kid can just learn to sleep until 7:00 am and allow me time to get ready for work.....alone.

I've been on an emotional rollarcoaster since I opened my email and saw that World Market is having a furniture blow out sale. I saw this beauty was marked down significantly.
I was elated!
Which was quickly replaced by the feeling of obsession.
Then I remembered we bought a new car and my hubby has enforced some kind of spending freeze. 
Insert sadness.
But then I remembered I was sliced open at one time to bring his offspring into the world. 
He owes me.
And just as I was about to remind him of this....the words "out of stock" displayed across my screen.
Insert violent outburst and really naughty words.
I may or may not be curled up in the fetal position under my bed right now.

Don't worry there are still other fish in the sea., so your bound to still score some good deals! 
Just don't rub it in, mmmkay?

How do I get a job here?

Why didn't I think of that?
10 creatively awesome ways to use a pegboard.

Have a delightful weekend!

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Jenny said...

I don't think you need to worry about changing your morning TV routine. Sesame Street is nothing like what it was when I was a preschooler. Last time I watched (probably in 2010), it was 1/2 Elmo's World and about 1/3 Abby's magic flying preschool something-or-other (animated cartoon) with very little of the stuff that used to make Sesame Street great -- the interactions between muppets and live people, all the alphabet and counting shorts, the individual muppet shorts (the Count, Kermit as a news reporter, Bert & Ernie, Grover the waiter and the guy trying to order soup, etc.), and my favorite: those stop animation sequences where the wooden blocks built themselves into different things like couches and chairs. :) Anyway... it's really not what it used to be, and the research was based on the impact of the episodes from years ago, not what it is now. It makes me sad. OK, off my Sesame Street soapbox! ;)

World Market, Schmorld Schmarket! I hope you find something way better this weekend at the Main Street Market! ;)

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