Dose of Delight| 6.18.2015 The Mystery Box Craft Challenge is a Go!

Gosh, I love this humidity! Said no one. EVER.
Is anyone else just lying around in their own pool of sweat right now?
At least I think that's sweat. 
I don't know maybe I just never dried off from my shower three hours ago. 
Where ever you are, I hope you're happier.....and dryer. 
Please send deodorant.
That sounds like a really bad postcard. 

In sunnier news, the Mystery Box Old School Craft Challenge is a GO! Yes, a GO!
I'm so thrilled that people actually expressed interest in my proposal! Muahahaha....
This is going to be SO MUCH fun!
Right now we're looking at 10 participants who will go head-to-head in blogland's most exciting craft challenge ever! It's my challenge, so I can say that, right?

I'll be announcing all of the participants next week and will share more details on the competition and the prizes that are at stake. Be here, or be square. In the mean time,  I've been hitting up the local craft stores and gathering up all of the "old school" craft arsenal I can find.
Man! I wish I could see some of your faces when you open up your packages.

(PS. All participants have been emailed the challenge details,
 so please make sure to check your inbox!)

Now onto this week's favorite links.

It feels like Christmas, 37 new emojis are being released!
Just in the past hour I've been in need of a flamingo, a teepee, and woman drowning her own sweat emoji.
I'm ALWAYS in need of a "middle finger" emoji.

This is way better than my magazine method.

Check it out on Joy in Our Home

I know the Waterlougue app bandwagon took off a long time ago but I just came across this in my Pinterest board and can't stop thinking about it!

See more over at Cuckoo 4 Design

Excuse my language, but these girls are badass.
Have you seen this?

Ever since we built our farmhouse table I've been on a furniture building frenzy in my head.
Must. Make. More. Furniture.
I love that Elisha from Pneumatic Addict shared this post!

Normally, I would wish you a delightful weekend but you'll actually be hearing from me again tomorrow (tomorrow, as in Friday...I know it's weird. I share my "Friday's Dose of Delight" on Thursday BUT I promise there's a reason to my posting madness!)
Tomorrow I'll be guest posting some where amazing.
See you on the flip side!

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