Dose of Delight | 6.25.2015 Uh, Oh SpaghettiOs!

Well, guys, it's official. I've ruined my kid. I'm sure you're not shocked. This week was the first time he dropped a four letter word and it wasn't Elmo or his other most popular word "MINE" (of course, imagined that screamed at the decibel level of a stock car race). 
Nope, he said sh*t....four times in one day.

I know exactly the precise moment he picked that word up too, not that I was there or anything *fidgeting in my seat*. I have to admit there's kind of an element of cuteness to an almost two year old cursing, and I'm a little proud because he's using it in the right context but if I ever want him to grow up to be a productive member of this society (or be re-invited to play dates), 
then I've got to fix it.
Therefore, from here on out, when ever I go through my daily routine of dropping my lunch down my shirt--it's "uh, oh SpaghettiOs"!
Because I'm pretty sure that's an endearing term that every decent, successful man uses. 

In the mean time, while I'm busy rehabilitating my potty mouth, check out my favorite links from this week...

Disney invented a secret paint color called "Go Away Green". 
Now if only they could invent one called "Go Away Muffin Top".

Rumor has it these are the 15 best things to buy from Target right now.
Too bad, the Lilly Pulitzer collection sold out in minutes.

Hanging lamp cords are such a distraction. 
Cassie, of Hi Sugarplum, shares an ingenious way to make them less conspicuous.

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For Pete's sake, I need to learn how to sew!
Is this DIY from Brittany the most delightful pillow you have ever seen?
Terrorist should take a cue from this.

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You know you're smitten when you can't stop thinking about a project you saw.
This is the one.
You seriously will not believe how simple it is.
Check out more here.

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Have a delightful weekend friends! I'll be scrambling to prepare our house for out-of-town guests and planning Little B's birthday party that I've totally slacked on and is in 2 weeks. 
Uh, oh SpaghettiOs!

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Jenny said...

I don't know how to sew either, unless you count the mauve apron and psychedelic boxer shorts I made in 1990 in 9th grade Home Ec. (I don't). I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago. It's still in its box heckling me from the coat closet. Maybe we should be learn-to-sew accountability partners?

I think all the distracting lamp cords should be painted Go Away Green. :)

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