The Starting Line Up: Mystery Box Craft Challenge Participants and Prizes

Cue the epileptic-light show and melodramatic music, it's time to announce the starting line up for the first annual Mystery Box "Old School" Craft Challenge!
But first, let's talk about this challenge and how things are going to go down here on the DN.

In case you missed it, a little over a week ago I shared how I thought it would be sublime a idea to host a craft challenge throwdown. Ya know, send a few readers a box with a mystery item and then they take said item and make something awesome out of it. I then put out a call for makers (aka humans who like to make things) and much to my surprise people actually loved the idea as much as I did! But in true Jennifer form, I just couldn't leave well enough alone. Nah, this challenge needed another twist and that is when I came across this publication.

Source via Beautiful Addition

Let me summarize it for those of you whose fingers are too lazy to click over.
It's an article about "old school" craft supplies (think puffy paint and rick rack).
Long story short, I got all nostalgic and thus that is how I found the third twist to this challenge--send the participants craft supplies from a bygone era!

So I quickly boxed up some old, moldy Bedazzler guns and shipped them out.
Surprise! Here's your mystery item! 
Try not to have any adverse reactions to the spores growing on this thing!

(You can actually buy this Bedazzler mold-free on Ebay)

See....some of you are feeling really disappointed right about now
that you didn't sign up for this thing, aren't you?

I kid, I kid. Well, about the toxic Bedazzlers, not about you being disappointed that you didn't sign up for this fabulously fun opportunity, because look at all of these stupendous prizes that are up for grabs!

The No-Title-Yet Winner ( I'm gladly accepting suggestions for "category titles" if anyone has any!) will score themselves a $20 Michaels gift card, and the runner-up (title also TBD) will receive a $10 Michaels gift card. These are are both being donated by yours truly.

The following shops, all owned by female saints,
 have also kindly offered up prizes for our select winners. In addition to the gift card, the grand prize winner of the Mystery Box "Old School" Challenge will receive.

 A boyfriend tee (their choice between the 2 pictured) from
Regina at the The Southern Rose Boutique. I'm SO smitten with that "Think Happy" one and don't they look super soft?! If you live in or near Plains, Texas make sure to stop by for the shop's grand opening on July 17th. Please give Regina a hug for me while you're there, poor gal has been working so hard lately!

 The Southern Rose Boutique
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Handmade topknot headband from Danielle at Elle & Oliver
This husband and wife duo (who are expecting their first little one) sell the cutest selection of headbands for both girls and women. Seriously, if we're ever blessed with a female mini me, watch out Danielle!
 The pineapple fabric on this one is off-the-charts adorable.

Elle & Oliver
Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Happy! Happy! Card Sampler Pack from Mari at the Mari Orr Shop
Do these not make your heart smile?!
Mari never ceases to amaze me with her creativity
(I dare you to go get lost on her Instagram feed).
Seriously, it's like so unfair, how beautifully talented this girl is!
Mari Orr
Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Personalized necklace from Sudha at Lovely Beadz.
What girl doesn't love accessories, right?
Sudha has a a variety of delightful personalized items that would also make for great gifts for those special people in your me.
I'm really digging these earrings (hint,hint).

Lovely Beadz
Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

$35 gift certificate from Darlene at Blocks Paper Paint
See this picture right here?
That is one of the most pinned pictures for my site and it has nothing to do with my ability to display books, nope, it has to do with those adorable personalized name blocks.
Darlene's customized blocks are not only great for decorating but they're also terrific gift ideas for teachers, new babies, and newlyweds.

Blocks Paper Paint
Shop | Facebook

In addition to the $10 Michaels gift card, the runner-up will also be winning a topknot headband from Elle and Oliver and a set of earrings from Lovely Beadz.

Please make sure to swing by and check out all of these lovely shops.
These ladies contribute a lot of time, commitment and labor to their dreams and it's always a good thing to support small businesses!

Now.....drum roll, please. Here are the Mystery Box "Old School" Craft Challenge participants!
PS. This is a wonderful mix of bloggers and non-bloggers!

Blair from Here Lately
Katie from For Lauren and Lauren
Kristina from Jars and Mugs
Michelle C
Michelle K
Michelle P from Michelle Paige
(apparently this is a battle of the Michelles!)

Project reveals and voting starts during the week of July 12th.
Be here, or be square.


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