And the Winner is.....Mystery Box "Old School" Craft Challenge

Fire up the glue guns! 
It's time to shoot celebratory salutes in honor of the 
"Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge winner and runner-up!

Thank  you to everyone who swung by and voted.
On behalf of all of the challenge members, I'm sure they appreciated your support.
Secondly, HUGE wet, sloppy Granny kiss to all of the participants.
Thank goodness there are still fun people in this world! 
Each and every one of you ROCKED this challenge. I loved sharing your creativity!
I'm already thinking of the next challenge. It's called the "Surprise! Who Could Clean My House the Fastest Challenge!" Doesn't that sound like fun? Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?

Okay, are you ready to find out who won?!

Drum roll,please....

The winner of the Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge is project #8......


HUGE congrats!
Just she can use them tonight when she busts out that wine to celebrate!

You can learn more about Katie over at her For Lauren and Lauren blog
In the mean time, let's all be jealous and drool over the prizes she just won.

 A boyfriend tee (her choice between the 2 pictured) from
Regina at the The Southern Rose Boutique. 

 The Southern Rose Boutique

Handmade topknot headband from Danielle at Elle & Oliver

Elle & Oliver

Happy! Happy! Card Sampler Pack from Mari at the Mari Orr Shop

Mari Orr

Personalized necklace from Sudha at Lovely Beadz.

Lovely Beadz

$35 gift certificate from Darlene at Blocks Paper Paint

Blocks Paper Paint

A $20 Michaels Gift Card from yours truly.
But Katie isn't the only one who scored herself some fun new goodies!

Let's all put our hands together for the runner-up, project #7.....

Michelle C.

Michelle and her girls created the cute craft loop summer sky wreath.
Doesn't it just make you smile?

In addition to a $10 Michaels gift card ( from yours truly), Michelle will also be winning a topknot headband from Elle and Oliver and a set of earrings from Lovely Beadz.

Gah! I'm so sad this over. 
Congrats again to all of the participants on your hard work and creativity!
Its been such a pleasure "hanging out" with all of you the past few weeks.

3 comments said...

I'm sad that it's over, too! Thank you again, Jennifer, for hosting and sending us the crafts. It was exciting, terrifying, and all around a good time! Congratulations to Katie and Michelle C.!

Michelle Paige said...

Your challenge was super fun. Thanks for letting me join in on the excitement! Congrats to the winners!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

This was so fun! Congrats Michelle and Katie!!

I'd love to hear from you!