Dose of Delight | 07.09.2015

Happy Friday eve! Did everyone have a great week? I'm busier than a cat on a hot tin roof. I've been party prepping like a mad woman and preparing the kick off for next week's Mystery Box Craft Challenge! Yes, you heard me right. Sunday here or be square. I can't wait to share all of the participant's projects.
I LOVED seeing all of the creative ways they used their mystery item and YOU will too.
If you're new here and are wondering what the heck I'm rambling on about, you can check out all of the details here.

Now onto this week's favorite links.

I am by no means encouraging self-inflicted wounds BUT how stylish are these new Oh Joy! Band-Aids?

Are you taking a road trip with kids this summer?
Here's a fun (read...sanity-saving) idea from Eighteen 25

The shady, dark side of Cabbage Patch on E!
Sometimes I feel like my childhood was all a facade.

DIY Stamped Cocktail Napkins
I like how they tested out different brand inks and you'll be surprised by the results.
I mean not like discovering-the-cure-for-cancer type of surprised...just surprised.

I can not stop thinking about Rifle Paper Co.'s wallpaper.
No, really. LIKE really, really, can not get it off of my mind.
I'm thinking a bookcase adorned with this may be in my near future.

Have a delightful weekend friends! AND remember we have a date! Right HERE! SUNDAY NIGHT!

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Unknown said...

1 - THOSE BAND-AIDS! I die!! I need some just to put in my first aid kit for football season! I would love to see those (wanna be) tough guy 10-11 year olds with those band aids!!
2 - Thank goodness no road trips with my two rabid monkeys this year!!
3 - one word: Traumatized after that Cabbage Patch special! Partially because my mom used to say she got me from the cabbage patch because of my resemblance as a child! Horrible!!!
4 - I might be the ONLY Southern woman NOT obsessed with monograms (SHHHH don't tell the others! I might have to go into witness protection!)
5 - That paper is gorgeous! I might buy it all!! Just because!!!

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