Dose of Delight | 7.31.2015

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can't get your days straight? Yesterday I almost wished someone a "Happy Hump Day" (What? You mean you don't do that too?) and today it took me a few hours to realize it's Friday. Friday! How does one forget it's Friday?! Baffling, I know. 

I'm really excited about this week's Dose of Delight and I promise I'm doubley (that's a word, right?) excited now that I know the weekend is here! Lots of fun favorite things to share today so let's get to it!

Ladies (and perhaps, gents) I practically live at the Michael's store down the street from us. 
I mean duh.....I'm a DIY blogger, right? I always feel so silly saying that. But seriously, I think it's pretty obvious I'm a maker. I like making things and I have for awhile now AND yet some how I NEVER knew secret # 3 in this round-up of 7 Secrets You Need to Know Before Shopping at Michaels
What rock have I been living under?

On of my favorite projects I eyed this week is from the very talented Sarah M. Dorsey blog. Sarah is one of those people I follow whom's creativity never ceases to amaze me. She's a breath of fresh air the DIY world.
I'm head over heels in love with this Lucite Frame Vintage Scarf how-to she recently shared!
Why didn't I ever think of this? Can I have just a small piece of your brain, Sarah? 
Specifically a piece from the right hemisphere? 

Do you follow Mommy Shorts? It's a really cute and fun mommy blog and if any of you have ever tried to successfully complete an art or craft project with a toddler that didn't end with you finishing off the last bottle of wine in the fridge, then I think you'll appreciate this!

Are you a campy person? I am if you throw me an in air-conditioned cabin, clear the woods of all potentially life-threatening wildlife, and promise me s'mores for breakfast. I swear this 'I "Hate Camping" Person's Guide to Surviving a Family Camping Trip' was created with me in mind.

Embroidery Hoop from Dove House Handmade

On the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Southern Living, checks in on the revitalization of a neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward. One word: CHARMING!

You can see the full spread here.

I hope you guys enjoy these fun finds. I always love to share in hopes that they pique your interest or inspire 
you. Something else that may pique your interest.....we've been working on a new entry way project. EEK! You can catch sneak peeks over on Instagram

Have a delightful weekend everyone!

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