It's Time to Cast Your Vote! Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge

**Voting is now closed!**

Put your happy pants on (not to be confused with your fat pants....
or am I the only one who has those?) 
 This is it, folks. Time to cast your vote in the 
first ever Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge! 

I picked 9 participants to don their creative hats and sent them "throwback " mystery craft supplies to create what ever the heck they wanted. It's now time to vote for your favorite.

But first, hold it right there, Speedy Gonzalez!
Make sure to refresh your memory by checking out all of the full details on the "before" and "afters"
 in Rounds One, Two, and Three.

Alright, pals-now that you've seen all nine DIY projects.  
It's time to get a little exercise today. 

Ready......1, 2, 3
and lift that voting finger! 

Voting is now closed!

The craft queen of the Mystery Box "Old School" Craft Challenge will be crowned on Friday along with the runner-up. Check out the prizes here.

Thank you to all of our challenge sponsors!


Jane ♡ Life Stylist said...

Sadly I missed the voting. They are all beautiful and creative projects. It would of been hard to pick just one!

Christy | Stained with Style said...

I missed the voting, but like Jane, I don't think k could have picked easily. There was too much talent!

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