Round One: Mystery Craft Challenge Reveals!

I've waited four weeks for this. FOUR LONG WEEKS. Today is the official kickoff to the Mystery Box "Old School" Craft Challenge!! Project reveals, voting...this is it my friends. 
Cue the singing angels! Ahhhhh....

Puffy Paint and Pony Beads and Tie-Dye, Oh My! Nine Crafty Participants Compete in an 'Old School' Mystery Item Craft Challenge

In case you are new here, here's the 4-1-1.

I thought it would be amusing to send a group of people a mystery craft item and then have those people take said item and create something awesome out of it. 
There was a twist though.....I decided to send them popular craft supplies from a bygone era
 (think pony beads and puffy paint!) 

Much to my surprise, people were actually interested. 
Yes, I said "people", like REAL people.... 9 of them to be exact.

Once I had my participants it was time for the really boring for craft supplies (insert sarcasm). In all honesty, "mystery item" shopping was a little harder than I anticipated!
I over analyzed the potential of everything I came across.

It was so stressful it eventually led to drinking....

In the end though, I think we came home with a good variety of "old school" supplies and I happily sent them off to their new homes. I'm sure upon their arrival there was a mixed bag of emotions; jubilation, fear, perhaps, even violent anger. It's still not clear whether or not I've gained or
 lost friends thanks to this challenge.

Puffy Paint and Pony Beads and Tie-Dye, Oh My! Nine Crafty Participants Compete in an 'Old School' Mystery Item Craft Challenge

But enough babbling. Let's get on with the show, shall we?

Over the course of the next 3 days I'll be sharing the projects (3 per day), voting will open on Wednesday, and the winner will be announced on Friday. There are prizes for both the winner and the runner-up. 
You can check them out here 

Oh, and here were the rules:

1. Make something using your mystery item.

2. Have fun!

That was it! Simple, right?

Drum roll, please........

Our first "Mystery Box" project is from Heather. I had faith that she could make anything look good, so I gave her plastic. Well, plastic lacing to be exact. Also known as boondoggle, or scooby-doo if your French.

Puffy Paint and Pony Beads and Tie-Dye, Oh My! Nine Crafty Participants Compete in an 'Old School' Mystery Item Craft Challenge

Most people would just weave a bracelet or key chain out of it. Not Heather.

Plastic Lacing Turned Criss Cross Bulletin Board for Girl's Room

Her eldest daughter had been requesting a place to put her art work, so they put their heads together and came up with this adorable criss cross bulletin board! They just simply braided their plastic lacing and then secured it to the cork board with push pins. They used leftover lacing for the tassels on top. 

Isn't it just darling? Very practical too!

Plastic Lacing Turned Criss Cross Bulletin Board for Girl's Room

Plastic Lacing Turned Criss Cross Bulletin Board for Girl's Room

Next up, Kristina, military spouse and the woman behind Jars and Mugs, with
 Mystery Item numero dos, which happens to be puffy paint (aka 3D paint).

Puffy paint sweatshirts were like a rite of passage when I was growing up in the 80's.
Like, OMG, I use to rock puffy paint everything. Thankfully, Kristina, who hadn't even touched this stuff since high school, had a cooler idea.

DIY Puffy Paint Headbands

DIY Puffy Paint Headbands

It's a flower headband! The perfect little accessory for that cutie-pie doll of hers (I'm secretly coveting her shirt. Does it come in my size?) I'm totally digging the yellow and blue
color combo Kristina chose to go with.
Very sweet! This would make for such a fun and easy craft activity for a girl's party.

Finally, Michelle C, a SAHM of three girls, received a bag of craft loops.
In the 80's we had a nuclear war scare, an AIDS crisis, and apparently there was widespread panic over third degree burns from tuna casseroles. I'm convinced every kitchen during this era had a potholder or 50 woven out of these colored loops!

Lucky for us, Michelle didn't need no stinken' potholder...nope she needed a wreath and with the help of her kiddos THAT is EXACTLY what she made.

Craft Loop Wreath

I adore all of the whimsical details here, and the colors are pretty fun too.
Wouldn't this look precious in a nursery or child's room?
I can only imagine how painstakingly long it must of taken to attach all of those loops together!

Little known fact here. Did you know craft loops were originally a scrap product from sock manufactures?
This is a public service announcement brought to you by me #yourwelcome

The more you know......

So there you have it!
What did you think?  What would you have done with these mystery items?

Comment below or come chat with me over on Instagram and Facebook.

 Make sure to stop by again tomorrow for round two!

Just a friendly reminder that voting will start on Wednesday once we've had a chance
to see all of the projects.

EDITED: Round Two is now live!
Round Three is now live!



Michelle Paige said...

I'm loving the creations already! What a fun idea!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

ahhhhhh, AMAZING!! and I have to admit I thought my worlds were colliding for a moment when I recognized Michelle's kids...then I remembered we all went to HS together. duh. LOL

I'm so impressed with
everyone's imagination. this is the best craft challenge ever! said...

Wow! Some of these were really hard. I'm impressed!!

Unknown said...

So exciting! Great ideas! -Michelle K

Jane ♡ Life Stylist said...

What a fun idea! All three items are fabulous, such talented ladies. Can't wait to see the next three.

Our Pinteresting Family said...

So many creative ideas! I love them all!

Christy | Stained with Style said...

So 1. I was not born with this creative gene and 2. Wow!! These ladies are so creative!!

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