Round Three: Mystery Craft Challenge Reveals!

Well, folks, this is it! The final round for the Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge.
In case you're new here or playing catch-up because you thought you had some where better to be (ahem...) you can check out Rounds One and Two here and here.

Now let's take a look at the final three reveals, shall we?

Most people would associate tie-dye with smelly, long-hair, slightly-off balance hippies.....which is EXACTLY why Michelle P, of the Michelle Paige blog, probably wanted to waterboard me when she discovered I sent her a tie-dye kit.

In the end, I think sacrificing my well-being (and hair) was totally worth it!

She dove feet first into her first attempt at tie-dye and created these beautiful outdoor pillows!
Michelle used 4 different techniques to achieve a variety of tie-dye styles;
crinkle, spiral, ombre, and stripes. I can't decide which one is my favorite BUT
I absolutely adore the nautical, summery-inspired vibe that they're all giving off.
Makes me want to go jump in a lake!

Next up, we have Maria, one of two participants that I sent boondoggle to.
You're probably more familiar with it's more extravagant name.....plastic lacing.
This is the only duplicate Mystery Item in the bunch.
At this point in my shopping adventures I was starting to get desperate.
It was between this and a really scary charming velvet kitty cat paint-by-number kit.
You can thank me later, Maria.

You know who else can thank me? Maria's front door. Just look at what she did with all that boondoggle! What a fun idea! Further proof, that you can make a wreath out of anything.
Maria was super excited about the colors I sent her.
She's a HUGE Notre Dame fan but we won't hold that against her (wink, wink).
I love how she sacrificed her fingertips and super glued the lacing into
 round accessory holders for her jewels. Very creative!

And now for our LAST Mystery project reveal, hailing from a small Kentucky town, we have the lovely Joni. Her item is what really put the "old" in "old school" craft challenge because I sent her some crocheted doilies.  These things have Great Grandma Ethel written all over them BUT that didn't discourage Joni from creating something fun, fresh, and modern!

How stinken cute is this?
It's a shadow box-inspired piece of wall art in honor of her daughter's upcoming birthday.
I think one of these will be going on my VERY long list of crafty to-dos.
At first glance, I was totally distracted by its adorableness that
I totally forgot what I had mailed to her.
It's also very obvious that Joni and I have great taste in colors (Pssst....check out my blog colors!)

So there you have it! Voting starts tomorrow!
Make sure to refresh your memory by checking out the reveals from Rounds One and Two.

Eek! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!


Our Pinteresting Family said...

Love these too! I love seeing what everyone has come up with. Super cute ideas!

Kim Seghers said...

Omg!! What a neat Challange and Idea. I love seeing what everyone has come up with. Everything is so cute and creative!!

Michelle Paige said...

This has been so fun seeing everyone's projects! Thank for including me.

I'd love to hear from you!