Round Two: Mystery Box Craft Challenge Reveals!

Welcome back to Round Two of the Mystery Box 'Old School' Craft Challenge! 
Did you catch all of the fun in Round One yesterday? 
GO! Do it now!

Also, don't forget to come back on Wednesday to vote for your favorite.

Alright, now that I'm done with my demands, 
let's check out the next three project reveals, shall we? 

First up today, we have Blair from Here Lately.
I shipped her a bag of colorful pony beads. Did you know these beads got their name from being delivered by the Pony Express? That's right, BOOM, just like that I saved you another sleepless night worrying about the origins of the pony bead. Phew.  They were actually popular among Native American women who used them to accessorize their tribes and horses BUT I didn't send Blair a horse,
so she had to make do with what she had............

Which was a nekked glass lamp, that she turned into a beautiful statement piece!
Blair's first idea was a craft fail (her words, not mine) but thankfully 
she had a light-bulb moment (ha! get it?) and carried out Plan B. 
You can bet your sweet bippy that pony beaded water colored lamps are going to become a "thing" now!

Onto Katie, the face behind the For Lauren and Lauren blog, and her mystery item which were plastic, neon charms. Growing up an 80's child, there were two things that I LOVED, it was fluorescent colors and charm bracelets. Oh, and Garbage Pail Kids (man, we were strange back then). But that was the past and now I'm into more mature things like gold and wine and spending my Saturday nights checking out floor registers at the local Home Depot, which is perfect because that means Katie's craft killed two of those three birds with one stone. Wait....what? Okay, just check it out for yourself.

She made cute personalized wine charms! When I lovingly packaged these up and sent them to Katie I never thought about spray painting the charms. Duh!
Let's also talk about her perfect penmanship, shall we?
Had this been my craft, the ink would have been a sloppy, smeared hot mess and then I would of needed all of those wine glasses to hold my tears.

And now onto our last reveal of the day! Remember yesterday when I talked about over analyzing the potential of everything while I was out and about Mystery Item shopping? This next item was definitely one of those things where I kept imagining every possible scenario
 of how this could be a craft gone wrong.
The problem was that at this point in my shopping adventures I was mentally fatigued, I was hungry,  I wasn't sure if I was going to survive.....did I mention I was hungry?

It's a suncatcher wind chime kit, you know the ones you would paint as a child to create a stained glass "masterpiece" and you know what I thought would be cool to make out of it?
A suncatcher wind chime.

I obviously was on the brink of starvation.

The good news is that Michelle K and her cute family's brains were
more nourished and creative than mine.

They made it into a precious piece of wall art! It includes a Bible verse that Michelle has been teaching her boys about speaking kindly to each other and others.
How perfect was it that I randomly sent her the bumble bee?

So what's the lesson we can all gain from this? Eat before you shop!

I'm smitten with that wood finish and the fact that they didn't just place it in some boring, plain ol' frame. Can I also just say that I love how a lot of the participant's kiddos were in on these projects? I mean, heck, Michelle even had her cat help! It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yahoo! That's the end of Round Two. Any favorites so far?
Make sure you didn't miss Round One!

Be here tomorrow for the final round and remember voting opens up on Wednesday.

See ya on the flip side.

Edited: Round Three is now live!


Our Pinteresting Family said...

Stop it! These ideas are beyond creative too! I cannot believe they are even the same materials. Craft geniuses here for sure!

Unknown said...

We had so much fun doing ours! Kade is already asking if we can do another craft! So exciting! -Michelle K

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