Rug Pads USA Giveaway: Save Your Floors!

My dear friends, not all rug pads are created equal, we talked about this back in January, and you could potentially be damaging those beautiful floors of yours.
That's why I'm super excited for today's giveaway from Rug Pads USA!

Not All Rug Pads are Created Equal! Rug Pads USA Giveaway

Choosing a new rug can be fun, well, on the other hand, choosing a rug pad is probably an afterthought for most of us. Research shows 9 out of 10 rug owners
are using the wrong rug pad on their hardwood floors.
That's right, the study was just recently published by the "Save Your Floors Foundation".
I bet you didn't know such a foundation existed? That's because it doesn't. I just made that up BUT I'm willing to bet my stats are pretty dang close to the truth!

The majority of  the rug pads offered in your local big box retailers are not of good quality, meaning that most of them contain chemicals that just aren't good for your floors (or the environment).

I have absolutely no complaints about the rug pad I reviewed at the start of the new year (you can read more about that here) , that's why I was super delighted when Rug Pads USA reached out to me again to see if I would like to review another pad. BUT I already know how majestic they are and instead decided it made more sense if one of YOU had the opportunity to experience their majesticness (is that even a word? )as well.

The friendly people of Rug Pads USA agreed and they so kindly offered 
up a free pad for one of my lucky readers!
The even more exciting news is that you can pick any style pad up to size 12 ' by 12'!
You can check out all of the different options here.

Enter below AND good luck, buttercups!

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