Dose of Delight | 08.14.2015

I hope y'all had a wonderful week! Much to my dismay, I'm making some MAJOR progress on my decrapifying goal. Every night after Little B goes down to sleep, I spend a good hour going through and purging and organizing our guest room and basement. I shared a sneak peek of the home accessory closet I'm working on over on Instagram. You can check out what the heck I'm talking about and where the inspiration came from over here.  In the mean time, here are favorite links, projects, ideas and so on  from this week! Enjoy!

So apparently Dalmatian print is the new "it" fabric because all the sudden in the past week I've been seeing it EVERYWHERE. I wasn't sure how I felt about it UNTIL I saw Rebecca's new fabric covered wall and HOLY BATMAN! Is this not the most beautiful pairing of fabrics? I just love the color of those blue curtains against the black spotted fabric. 

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I love sprucing up our kitchen with budget-friendly flowers but sometimes grocery store bouquets can look a little whimpy. Melissa shows us how to take these floral arrangements from blah to ahhhh.

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Thank goodness I'm much better at parenting than I am at cleaning vents.
This is a neat trick though that has me quite intrigued. Who knows I just may throw a vent
 cleaning party this weekend!

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How well do you actually see blue? This quick little quiz made me realize 
I'm a sorry excuse for a blue-a-holic! What score did you get?

Colton Colors new Happy Everything Wall word; genius! Two more words....I want!

Have a delightful weekend!

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