June & July in Review: I Hate Good-Byes

August, already! Seriously, how can this be?
All of this "back-to-school" talk is making me anxious.
I guess it's knowing the end of summer is near and well, I hate good-byes.
 I am kind of looking forward to the change in the seasons though. I was actually already thinking and talking about my Halloween decor yesterday. Don't worry my hubby already rolled his eyes for you!

In case you missed anything, here's what went down in June and July.

I rebelled against the Decor King & Queens of the world with my futon makeover.

Gave these ol' Father's Day printables a refresh.

Experimented with chalk paint for the first time.
Doesn't Pearl look puuurrty?

Paid my respects with this lovely watercolor Fourth of July printable.

Kicked-off the first ever Mystery 'Old School' Craft Challenge
Probably one of my favorite blogging memories to date!

In case you missed out on all of the fun, you can relive the challenge here:

Have things in your house that drive you bonkers? 
At the top of my head, I can name nine things and shared them (along with some fun solutions) here.
Oh, and I'm moving the boob light up to the # 1 spot.

I FINALLY shared our DIY rustic fence planked wall.

I made over a potting bench because I don't like to garden. Makes sense, right?

Little B turned 2 and I was the one throwing a tantrum.

(see "Annoying Household Items" above)

Holy Batman! I didn't realize what a busy summer it's been here on the DN.
That's what Sangria does to you....just makes all your worries and stress melt away.
Looking forward to seeing what projects and shenanigans I get myself into in the next few months.
Hope you'll hang around!

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