Look What I DID! A Project Gallery

You guys, I did it! I REALLY, REALLY did it! Four years and one hundred something projects later I FINALLY created a project gallery page....like a REAL, user-friendly gallery page, where humans like YOU can go and peruse all of the DIY/craft tutorials and projects that have been shared here on the DN over the past few years. Did I mention that's 100 something creative ideas in this constantly-evolving gallery that I hope will inspire you to break out your glue guns and glitter bombs?  
It also gives new visitors a chance to to see all of my projects in one quick glance!

Seriously, this "create a project gallery" endeavor should win an award, its managed to stay on my to-do list longer than any other chore (well, outside of lose 20 lbs. Yeah, there's always that). If you blog, then you know what a daunting and overwhelming task this can be (especially if you're on the Blogger platform) and if you don't blog, well, let's just say there is LOTS of picture resizing, and coding, and a whole bunch of other crap you probably don't care to hear about. 

I curse myself for not creating this earlier in my blogging adventures (take note newbies)! Some of you may recall that I started a project gallery page many moons ago and then it just sat there unfinished for a VERY long time. Did I mention it was a daunting and overwhelming task?  

However, it's actually one of my most viewed pages but imagine how many cool people I was turning away with my lazy, uninspiring project gallery? Or how many enemies I was making with my cruddy, pain-in-the-arse tutorial searches. I know I hate combing through other blogger's post looking for projects and I sure as heck didn't want to make my readers continue to do the same thing.

After putting it off and putting it off, I finally locked myself in a room and forced myself to devote practically a whole day to updating the page. This was probably a week's worth of work but I didn't allow myself to eat, drink, or use the restroom or check any updates on Cecil the Lion's brother. Sigh....the things I do for you guys. The page is categorized and the good news is that as of today I am done with the DIY/Craft category. The bad news is I still have lots of Holiday, Room Makeovers, and Printable projects to add. Someday.....someday.......sooooo stay tuned!

Underneath all of the tedious, annoying work (I was on the brink of many breakdowns through out this project) there was a silver lining; reliving some of the older projects that I had forgotten about.
If we're being honest here, there were also projects that I couldn't believe I shared with you all and made me want to vomit. I actually didn't include those in the project gallery, no point in re-traumatizing all of us.

Well, I hope you'll take a gander and check out the gallery for yourself over here!
I'll be continuing to add more projects and editing the page, so make sure to swing by again soon.

Oh, and I decided to take advantage of my sudden spur of motivation and also update my "About Me" page.  Figured it was high time!

Let me know what you guys think? Easier to navigate?
Are we friends again?

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Michelle Paige said...

You're unbelievable! This is truly a work of art! So organized and beautiful. Love how you can 'pin' them too. You now need to write an e-book on how to do this for blogging dummies like me! I clicked on your old magazine holder-- somehow I don't remember that one...very cute!

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