DIY Wheat Wreath for Fall

Ugh...Tuesdays after a three day weekend are rough aren't they? Kind of like a day after a real, good workout. Painful, tired.....I mean I need a weekend from my weekend.
Can I get an amen?! I hope everyone else enjoyed their mini holiday break!

I know I've mentioned this perhaps no less than a hundred times already,
but I'm ready for the change of the season.

This weekend I worked on my first Fall project; a DIY Wheat Wreath.

diy wheat wreath fall

I've always been a fan of the harvest wheat look but my fondness for some unknown reason has been kicked into MAJOR overdrive recently.This wheat wreath (say that five times fast!) really was simple and fairly quick to make and best of all, it required less than 3 items (assuming most of us have scissors on hand). I love me some projects that don't require a lot of supplies!

Straw Wreath Form (mine is 18 inches)
Floral Pins
5 Bundles of Wheat 

Public Service Announcement: Listen up! Do not, I repeat, do not remove the wrapper from your straw wreath! I made the mistake of taking mine off and now if I so much as breathe in the direction of my wreath, it makes a HUGE mess. Like seriously, our floors look like a barn. So now that I saved you that headache, take your scissors and start to cut your bundles of wheat. I eye balled mine, but I would say I cut them down to about 7-8 inches.

how to make a wheat wreath

Now to attach the wheat, take a small handful, about 6-8 stems and with your floral pins start securing them to the top left side of your wreath. You're going to work your way down from there and go all the way around the wreath. As for spacing between the bundles, use the top grain part of your wheat to cover up the pins used above it and that should work as your guide. I used up about 4.5 of my bundles and then used the left over wheat to fill in any gaps.

wheat wreath diy

If you prefer, you can pin a ribbon to your wreath or just leave it nekked like I did.
I'm as pleased as punch with how it turned out!

wheat wreath diy

My original plan was to hang it on our front door but now I think I want to keep the wreath right here in the entry way. I love the combo of the chippy, old window, the planked wall,  my chalk paint dresser, and the wheat. I guess "I love them all together" would have been an easier way to say that.
Plus, if I can avoid moving it AND vacuuming up straw again that would be fabulous.
I'm thinking of getting some 3M hooks and hanging the wreath from the center of the window pane.

wheat wreath diy

I was in a rush to take these pictures before I even decorated much!
Sigh...although, sometimes the simplistic look would be nice, don't you think?!

All you need is 3 things to make this easy and pretty wheat wreath for Fall!

What do you guys think of this old window? It's been living in my garage for months because I had planned on hanging it in our family room (plus, it was invaded by a colony of ants!) but then it hit me that it would be perfect here on the new plank wall in the entry way.

how to make a wheat wreath

diy wheat wreath

I can't wait to drag out the rest of my fall decorations!
Oh, and for those of you who aren't really feeling the whole DIY wreath thing this season,have no fear!

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I shared a sneak peek of the finished board and batten hallway drop zone!

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Michelle Paige said...

Love the window and the simplicity of the wreath looks perfect. I seriously still have summer on the brain. Although I do have a bowl of scented pinecones on my counter right now, I never want summer to end.

Seeking Lavender Lane said...

I love the wheat wreath! Turned out fabulous...I love things simple so this is perfection...and love how you styled it to lean up against the window.

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