Dose of Delight | 9.24.2015

Happy, happy Friday! Speaking of happy, did you guys ever know the "Happy Birthday" song was copyrighted? Like outside of little Johnny's birthday party, people would actually owe royalties to someone for singing it. Well, it's not anymore but up until a few days ago it was, which explains why you've gone years being tortured with other annoying versions of this song while standing on a chair in the middle of your local favorite margarita bar in a rather large, over sized sombrero. Not that I personally would know anything about that. Just thought I'd jazz up your Friday morning with that little tidbit.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program; this week's favorite links, 
projects, and other delightfully random stuff.

Holy smokes! Deb, of the Seeking Lavender Lane blog, really knocked this knock-off out of the park. I actually prefer her version over the PB one!

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Target has gone mad for plaid this season (yes, they're even selling plaid mouth wash) and I WANT it all!

I don't think I ever shared my grief over the loss of YHL in the bloggy world BUT their  new book is FINALLY out! Hip, hip, hooray!

I've been following the Farm House Fall tour this week and can not get Sara's dining room out of my mind. How yummy is that wall color?!

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I'll second Galena, Illinois! We spent a weekend there last October and it's a very charming little town.

Have a delightful weekend! 

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Michelle Paige said...

I LOVE, love, LOVE plaid! I saw the mouthwash, too! Loved it!

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