How to Hang Drawer Knobs to Use as Wall Hooks

I'm a firm believer that you don't always need to "Go big, or go home" when it comes to house projects. Sometimes it's the smallest things that help add a delightful dose of character to your home. Take our most recent project for example; vintage drawer knob wall hangers!

Have you ever wondered how to hang knobs on the wall?
It's a rather simple task and besides looking cute, it can be functional too.

First, you need knobs, obviously!
These knobs came off of Pearl, the vintage dresser I rescued off of Craig's List earlier in the year.
I saved them "just in case" and because that's what us DIY hoarders do. You can always make something out of something, right?

Our knobs posed a unique hurdle in that there was already a threaded hole in it.
If this is the case with your knobs as well, you can carefully drill a hole next to the original one and then twist in a dowel screw (link isn't to the size we used but just giving you an idea of what they look like. I recommend taking your knob with you to the hardware store when you go to pick out your screws). IMPORTANT: make sure not to get too close to the old hole, otherwise you'll have just one big hole and it will be difficult to hang! 
Oh my lanta, that''s a whole lot of HOLY talk.

If your knob does not come "pre-holed" (?) then you can just drill your own or use a pair of pliers to screw in a hanger bolt. 

Now it's time to hang them! Play around with your knobs until you find an arrangement you like, use a pencil to mark their "locations". A tape measure is your best friend if you want them be equally distanced from each other or in one straight line like ours. Next, install dry wall anchors and then screw in your knobs. It's seriously THAT simple!

The frames are from Michaels and I just attached the twine to the back of the frames using an upholstery stapler. I used probably about 5 staples on each end of the twine just for extra security!

This wall is far from being done but I'm loving the wall it's shaping up to be!

Thanks for swinging by! You can find me and more inspiration hanging out over on Instagram. Hope to see you there!


Jenny said...

So, if you had the knobs with a screw coming out the back, could you just screw it into the drywall anchor? I had never even considered HOW one would mount a knob to a wall. :) Thanks!

Meredith @ The Palette Muse said...

You're right, these are such a perfect little detail! I've been wanting to do something like this, but wasn't up for the hassle of figuring it out myself. Thanks for saving me the trouble! Nice to meet you on Think and Make Thursday, and now following on IG...

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Hi Jenny! I replied to you via email but in case anyone else is wondering the same thing, that should work! You actually get to skip a step. Yipee!

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