One Room Challenge Kick-Off: Where's My Wine?

Update: You can see the FINAL REVEAL here!

 Can I ask a favor of you guys? In six weeks, when I go off the deep end and have to be admitted to the psych ward, can you promise to let the doctors know I'd really like to be in charge of the unit's arts and craft activities? I think that's where I would shine the most.

You see, I've committed to something. No, not to life on the run, something far more challenging. Let's face it, I'm a mother, life on the run doesn't sound half bad. It actually sounds quiet.....and alone and....oh, sorry, my mind started to trail there. The point I'm getting at is that I'm participating in another One Room Challenge and this week is the kick-off to six weeks of insanity! Yay, for insanity!

Some of you may recall I participated in my first ORC last spring when we completed our office turned camp-themed playroom and this time I have plans to complete our bedroom turned office. I know, it sounds like a game of musical rooms, right?!  As a quick reminder, the One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda, of the Calling It Home blog. Twice a year she challenges twenty designers and guest participants to transform a room in six weeks. Gulp.

Let me introduce you to the space I'll be making over this go-around; my craft room/office.
To say I'm anxious about this room transformation would be an understatement. For you newbies, we moved into this home almost two years ago and I'm slowly adding our personalities to each room.  Before I bore you with the before pics, here's a visual of the design direction I'm aiming for.....I think.
Love these farmhouse style ideas for a craft room or home office!
Sources: Aqua Metal Hairpin Clock | Garden Twine and Scissors |My Happy Place Sign |Lidded Ball Mason Jars | Klimpen Drawer UnitWire BasketMint Green Storage CabinetWhitewashed Lamp|Flower ArrangementMetal Flip Calendar | Buffalo Check Pillow |Spindle ChairTableStorage Basket

That's the tough thing about this particular room transformation, I'm indecisive and all over the place about the details. I know I want this space to have a farmhouse touch with lots of whites and hints of country mint green, aquas, and blues but that's all I know. The good thing is this room is pretty much a blank slate, just waiting for me to save it!

If you're a regular around here, you may recall at the start of the new year I had great intentions to work on this room and shared some information about it here and here. Back at the end of January, I made some progress on this space by giving both the walls and the hutch seen in the pictures below a fresh coat of paint. I was on a roll and then my motivation took a major nose dive off a cliff and I haven't done a single thing to the room (aside from cluttering it back up with random things) since the beginning of February!

Here are a few before shots I took of the room before I painted.

Pretty underwhelming, right?
While we're at it, let's take a itsy, bitsy peek at the status of the room back in February after I painted the walls and the hutch.

Love these farmhouse style ideas for a craft room or home office!

Heading in the right direction but still a far ways to go!

I'm usually not good with making decisions but I'm hoping this challenge will be just the kick in the pants that I need. I may go bonkers doing it, but at least in the end I'll have an inspiring and organized craft room to lock myself in.

I'll be sharing weekly progress reports with you all every Thursday, so make sure to stop by make sure I'm still alive. I'll also be sharing progress over on Instagram, so make sure to come hang out with me there too! Let the fun begin....sort of.

Psst...don't forget to swing by the Calling It Home blog here to
 check out the rest of the participant's spaces!

You can also check out the room we made over last year here
Geez, that was a labor of love, for sure!

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Stacey said...

Can't wait to see this all happen. :)

Sam | Away She Went said...

I'm doing a room that I started and then lost motivation too. I love the mood board you put together and the hutch is beautiful. I can't wait to see how this room comes together! Good luck!

Unknown said...

Your spaces are always so amazing and I'm sure this one will be no different! And I already love the colors you're thinking of. Yay!

Michelle Paige said...

I'm so excited to see you do this challenge again! I know it will turn out incredible-- no pressure or anything! I already love the colors and your ideas!

Jenny said...

I am currently planning our master bedroom makeover (which needs to include an office space), and I was just eyeing the Klimpen drawer unit. :) Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

I'm working on my craft room for ORC, too! And I can understand how you feel - my design details are all over the place, too. Can't wait to see how you transform your room!

Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry said...

I love, love, love your ideas for this space. I am starting to realize more and more that the farmhouse look is the one I like best! Can't wait to see how this turns out!

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