Botanical Gallery Wall in Dining Room

Trim, frame, and hang botanical prints. I'm happy to say I finally checked this off my weekend to-do list from March! You know what makes me even more gleeful? I created this botanical gallery wall in our dining room for less than $50. Amen for budget-friendly wall art, right?

Botanical Gallery Wall

botanical gallery wall

I made mention of this project last week when I shared one of my favorite resources for free wall art I didn't go down the freebie route for this project but really lucked out a few months ago and scored a bunch of inexpensive botanical book pages from a local handmade/vintage market I attended. I paid $2 per page, so $16 total for a set of eight prints. This was a real steal compared to some sets of botanical art I was eyeing a few months before that!

framed botanical prints

You can always find botanical books online on Ebay, Etsy, or even Amazon (affiliate link included, see full disclosure here).

gallery wall botanical prints

Let me tell you, friends, this large blank dining room wall has been a headache for quite some time! Due to the size of our DIY farmhouse table, adding the traditional dining room hutch or buffet on that back wall was out of the question. Even shelves, unless hung really, really high wasn't an option. Unless, I wanted to knock out our dinner guests, which now that I think about it.........

dining room gallery wall

I was a little concerned about finding frames for the book pages considering they were an odd size but the frame fairies must have been looking out for me because a few weeks ago while browsing the clearance section of Michaels I came across these frames marked down to $3.99 and guess how many they had left? Yep, 8 of them! Total fate, right?! My book pages were about an inch too wide for the frames, but nothing a little trim with scissors couldn't fix.

botanical prints framed

I also liked these frames because I could paint them if I wanted too and quite honestly, that's my plan for now. Maybe something darker to offset all of the wood tones that are slightly starting to take over this space!

As with any gallery wall I have ever done, I always like to create a template first.  Freezer paper or a roll of brown craft paper is a great and inexpensive way to do this. Just trace your frames on the paper and and tape them to the wall, then you can play around with your paper "frames" until you get a layout you love.

how to create a gallery wall

Aside from finding the middle of the wall (which I apparently did incorrectly the first time) I don't start measuring things out until I decide on my set-up. I ended up spacing my frames about 6 inches apart. The top row is set 4 inches above the bottom row.  I had my hubby come in and double check my measurements and level everything out so that all the frames were nicely aligned.

I have a fear of holes in my wall. I change my mind a lot and who knows by next week I may decide I want a monster size portrait of myself on that wall, so whenever possible we hang our wall art with 3M Command Strips. I know I've mentioned these things before but I seriously can't live without them!

gallery wall dining room

Project by project, this home of ours is starting to feel a little more lived in. About time, right? We're going on two years in this house! With that being said, this room still has a long way to go and quite honestly I don't think I'll ever feel content with this space until we tear out that miserable carpet. But that's a discussion for another day, my friends!

So did you finish any home projects this week? If you're looking for additional gallery wall ideas check out this round-up of inspiration on Shutterfly!

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