Final Reveals! Mystery Craft Challenge Grand Finale

Welcome to the final night of Mystery Craft Challenge reveals! Isn't this better than last month's Olympics?  Sure, we don't have that muscular, oiled up flagbearer guy BUT we have crafts. Lots and lots of crafts and last I heard, neuroscientists were saying creative activities can protect you against aging. Soooo, I'm pretty sure we just added five years to your life this week. #yourwelcome

crafter's competition

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Incase, you've been snoozing, 13 participants are going head to head in this fun craft competition.
I sent them a mystery craft item and told them to make something with it. 
filigree wood frame

No worries, I didn't hold a glue gun to their heads or anything, they all volunteered to be participants and to play along with my crazy shenanigans.

Over the course of the week, I have been sharing their final projects. 

Come to cast your vote for your favorite!

Yes, there are prizes. The winner will score ALL of those goodies!

Alright, enough with the chit chat. Let's get onto tonight's final three reveals.

Up first, we have Suzzi.  She loves paper crafting, going to concerts and drinking Dr. Pepper.
There's also something else you should know about Suzzi.
She's a gold digger.

gold spray painted frame

Yep, she loves digging for her can of gold spray paint to make super chic things like this cute clip board picture frame! Wouldn't this make for a fun gift?

I'm amazed how transformative gold spray paint can be and it really serves as a great backdrop for Suzzi's family pics.  I love the addition of the Jim Holtz clipboard clips. Aside from pics this would be a pretty way to organize coupons, party invitations, or even to display kid's art work.
Way to go for the gold, Suzzi!
jim holtz craft

Next up, we have Danielle, she is a mother to an 8 month old cutie patootie, who loves to sew and make headbands. Danielle does, not the baby. That actually would be pretty AU-MAZING.....a baby seamstress. I want that kid in the challenge next year!  
Okay, okay, back to Danielle and her spooktastic submission!

Halloween wreath diy

Eek! This super fun "Countdown to Halloween" wreath SO puts me in the mood for fall! 
Every door on Danielle's block is going to want one of these, don't ya think?

As soon as Danielle opened her mystery box she immediately thought of a chalkboard. She had been wanting to create a "countdown to Halloween" wreath, so I like to think this was the kick in the pants she needed to get started.
how to make a halloween wreath

I'm not into cheesy Halloween decorations and Danielle's wreath strikes the perfect balance between celebrating the holiday but with a sweet, rustic flair.

halloween entry way

And now for our FINAL reveal for this year's challenge, we have Maria!
Maria is an army wife and mama to a sweet three year old boy. I think we all know there comes a time where every little boy is obsessed with dirt, flatulence, and superheros.
Maria had just recently made over her kiddo's room with a superhero theme and so when she saw the mystery craft item, a lightbulb went off!

superhero diy decorations

She made a bedside nightlight! What a fun and neat idea.
It's the perfect addition to his big boy room!

superhero crafts

Talk about superhero powers.....Maria folded that wooden frame without snapping it!
After painting it and adding the cute decorative paper, she slipped a battery operated tea light behind it. Just enough light to comfort a little one but not enough to disturb their sleep (lord, knows we don't want to do that!) This is just fabulous and fun!

PS. Maria, if that night stand goes missing in the middle of the night, I know nothing about it! 

kid's room superhero theme

Phew, and that's a wrap! The Mystery Craft Challenge reveals has officially come to an end.
Thank you so much for following along and HUGE thanks to the ladies for participating!

I hope you enjoyed checking out all of these inspiring craft ideas. Perhaps, you've even pinned one or two....or three! Wink, wink. 

Come to cast your vote for your favorite!

PS. Any predictions? Who do you think will win the Craft Challenge crown?!
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So creative!! Love all of them. My boys would love that night light.

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What a fun challenge. Can't wait to vote! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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