Reveal Time! Mystery Craft Challenge Round One

Holy mermaid, it's go time, people! Project reveals, voting; welcome to the kick-off of the 2016 Mystery Craft Challenge. I love this week as much as Bill Clinton loves balloons and I'm going to forewarn you my exclamation marks will probably be unstoppable today! For FOUR LONG WEEKS the participants have been crafting up a storm and I know they are just as eager to get this party started as I am.

In case you are new here, here's the 4-1-1:

I sent 13 participants a mystery box (in the name of transparency, it was actually a bubble package but just go along with it) with a surprise craft item. They were charged with creating something out of it. There were no rules, other than they had to use the item in some shape or form, and let me tell you the ladies rocked this challenge!

Over the course of the next 4 days, I will be revealing their final projects and come Thursday, you all will get to vote and crown the queen of this year's contest! Aside from the title, they'll also be winning some amazing prizes, which you can check out here, along with the list of all of the participants.

So are you ready to see what mystery craft item these ladies had to work with?!

laser cut wood frame

Yep, laser cut wood frames! Prepare to be amazed on how many different things you can do with a pretty piece of wood. Okay, I know, I know, enough babbling, Jennifer. Onto the reveals!

Edited: can now see Round Two  , Round Three , and Round Four Reveals

Drum roll, please!

Our first mystery craft project is from Laura of Destro Photography.   I'm convinced Laura could take anything and make it look good. Yes, even string!

DIY string art

Look at this delightful mixed media string art! After painting and distressing her frame, Laura then glued it to a wooden plank board, added her nails, and then worked her magic creating flower stems and a string vase.
laser cut wood craft
The icing on top is the addition of the cute wooden flowers that she painted in such cheerful colors!

mixed media string art

Isn't it just so purrrrty?! I love the happy-go-lucky vibe it infuses into Laura's vignette.

DIY string art mixed media

Next up, Elexa, with craft reveal numero dos. It turns out her and I have a lot in common; we love napping children, money, and David Beckham . 

funny kid's sleeping door sign

How fun is this "kid's napping" chalkboard door sign? I mean every exhaustive parent knows what a production it is to put kids to sleep!  Wouldn't this be a cute gift idea for new mamas?!

diy baby napping door sign

I'm a sucker for chalkboard projects and I love the fun color combo Elexa went with. Attaching the frame to the sign with chain links was a nice and neat touch too!
 Also, can we please take a moment to appreciate Elexa's beautiful penmanship?!
How could David Beckham ignore that?

napping door sign

Our final reveal for the day is from Michelle C, mother to three and queen crocheter (you can check out her work over at Turtle Chel Creations). Michelle admits she was a bit stumped by the piece of wood I sent her but then decided to stick to her yarny roots.

And those yarny roots grew into a fun and functional organizer!

organize crochet supplies

First, she painted her base (the mystery item) grey and then she hot glued a knit cushion and other elements she crocheted to the frame. 

crocheting craft ideas

crochet craft idea

These just look like they were meant for each other, right? I'm a HUGE fan of both grey and organization, so this is a win, win in my book!

Michelle even shared the versatility of her project by showing how you could utilize this organizer for all kinds of storage. Nifty, nifty!

crocheted organizer

So that's a wrap for today's reveals! Any favorites so far?! A hearty mix of ideas, right? 
Hopefully, this challenge helps YOU bolster your creativity too!


HUGE thanks to our lovely challenge sponsors! Pay them a visit, you'll be thanking me later.

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Craft Cuts 
Say "hello" to our NEW sponsor. We're excited to have them on board! They are a fun-filled shop of craft letters and shapes and share a ton of inspiration on their site of how to use their goodies. Craft Cuts has generously offered to give away a $25 gift certificate to our winner!

Get cozy though because we still have a handful of reveals to go! Tomorrow, same place, same time. Hope to see you there.

Just a friendly reminder, voting will start Thursday


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It amazes me what they came up with. Clever ladies for sure! The sleeping sign made me laugh! Great organizational piece, but my fav has to be the flowers.
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