Vote Now! Favorite Mystery Craft Challenge Project

 It's time to vote for your favorite Mystery Craft Challenge project!
 These ladies did a wonderful job in creating 13 fabulous wood frame craft projects and phew, I am so glad it's not on me to pick the winner.  
Who will you crown the next Mystery Craft Queen?!
Who will win all of those prizes? I like to think I'm giving you all practice for the upcoming Presidential elections, minus the interesting hairdo and paint suits, so let's get those voting fingers ready!

Hold it right there, Usain Bolt.
Before you cast your vote make sure to refresh your 
memory by checking out all of the full project details below:

craft competition submissions
craft competition submissions 2
Alright, friends! Are you ready for some finger exercises?
In order to vote, click the large link below and it will open up to a poll, then select the circle next to your favorite and then make sure to click the big "vote" button to make it count! You can only vote once per device (desktop, tablet, or mobile) Winner will be announced next Tuesday, September 6th. 
Ready? 1-2-3-go! 

or Vote Below 
( if widget doesn't load, or circles to vote don't appear due to certain browser issues then use link above)

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