6 Best Snuggle-Worthy Throw Blankets for Winter

Winter is almost here and all I want to do is hibernate under soft, cozy throws. Two weeks ago we bid farewell to one of our dogs, Sianna. It was sudden (her stomach had flipped) and my little tribe was quite devastated to see her go. It's been hard adjusting to life with out my little shadow but at night is when I tend to miss her most. I always joked that she was the best "spooner" ever. For 13 years, Sianna insisted on snuggling right up against me and although she was little, boy was she toasty! I miss that and perhaps that has something to do with my sudden obsession with wanting ALL of the throw blankets. I seriously can't stop "window shopping" them online and well since throw blankets are pretty much a fall and winter essential, I thought I'd hop on share some of my favorites with you!

best throw blankets for winter
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fair isle knitted blanket

Fair Isle Navy Blanket

Okay, is there anything that screams "cozy winter" more than a beautiful Fair Isle knitted blanket?  Mmmm...I can just imagine sipping warm cocoa under that thing....or wine. It comes in red too!

plaid sherpa blanket
Grey and Red Sherpa Plush Throw

Sherpa is another fan favorite among those of us who dream of  hibernating on the couch all weekend catching up on Netflix. Gosh, doesn't that sound nice? Someday when I have free time. Ha!

pom pom blanket

The cute pom poms on this one reminds me of snowball fights!
grey plaid throw blanket Target

I actually own this plaid blanket  and it's one of my favorites! It's incredibly soft and not too heavy, but just thick enough to keep you cozy. We lit up our fire pit out back this past weekend and it was perfect for keeping my legs warm while roasting s'mores. I will say Target labeling it as "oversized" is bit overzealous. I would consider it standard size.

Chunky Knit blanket
Chunky Knit Blanket

Mmmmm....the texture on this one won over my heart. The chunkier the better! I wish I could have the same sentiments for myself the day after Thanksgiving when I step on the scale!

grey faux fur throw blanket

It's pretty much impossible to not want to pet yourself when you're wrapped in faux fur.
 Am I right or am I right?

I'm pretty sure Sianna would approve all of these! Each and every single one of them would totally take your "sofa scape" up a notch. Which one is your favorite? 

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