Friday's Dose of Delight

Happy National Shortbred day! I mean we survived the first week of the year AND we get to cap it off with a holiday. Life is good, friends. Well, I'm swinging on by for this week's Dose of Delight. What caught your fancy this week? Here's a mini round-up of what caught mine!
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 I came to the realization this week while putting away our Christmas decor that I'm actually building up quite an inventory of wreaths. Problem is, I don't really have a great way to store them and then this showed up in my Pinterest feed yesterday. It's like the wreath gods were watching over me! I had never heard of the Hangerjack but I smell a new BFF on the horizon!

how to organize wreaths

I made this Tomato-Basial Parmesan soup over the holiday break and oh my goodness, it was divine! I cook like twice a year, folks, so this was quite the momentous occasion.

Speaking of food, the Girl Scouts just made my year with this announcement! I couldn't be s'more happier. Ha. See what I did there?


We've had a monster living in our laundry room for the past 6 months; our VERY cheaply made laundry cart. You could just breathe on it and the thing would collapse. 
I put off replacing it because I mean can you believe how expensive a good quality laundry divider is?! But I finally reached a breaking point and gave in a few weeks ago and purchased this heavy duty DecoBrothers one (which compared to many others is actually reasonanbly priced) and I'm in love. I mean who knew you could love a laundry cart so much?! It's good quality and has made my laundry process a tad bit more enjoyable.

Looking for a good laugh? Come see how bad you rate on this 1930's housewife test and then cue the eye-rolling.

Have a delightful weekend, everyone! I'm hoping to make some progress on our dining room this weekend but then I just remembered I have a three year old. Aye, aye, aye.


Jenny said...

Oh! I'm going to covet that laundry cart. What have I become? :)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I've got to get some of those hanger jacks! I have a lot of wreaths and I have nails pounded all over in my storage room. I use long ones and can usually hold two wreaths on each, but this is a charm!

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