15 Soft and Feminine Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Sooo I've been neck-deep in researching blush pink swatches, because, well, I've been keeping a secret, an eggplant size one to be exact. In 11 (holy crap!) weeks, we'll be welcoming a baby girl into our family!

Similar to Little B, this once again wasn't an easy road for us, so we are beyond thrilled for our little miracle #2. Despite the fact that I should now become a spokesperson for Saltine crackers (this pregnancy has been WAY rougher than the first one), you can bet I'm just as excited to put together another nursery as I was the first time. Now if only my physical being could be as motivated as my mental being. Chasing a toddler around with another in the womb is no joke.
Seriously, I didn't realize until now how luxurious life is when you're pregnant with your first!

For B's nursery, it was fresh, fun, and had some bright accent colors, but this time I'm aiming for something more soothing and subtle and I thought it would be fun to share some of the inspiring nurseries that have helped me come up with my decor plans!

Pssst....there's lots more inspiration over on my Pinterest board too.

soft baby girl nursery

Try to refrain from grasping out loud BUT I actually don't think blue will be involved in this nursery! Even more shocking, I've actually fallen in love with blush pink. There's something about being pregnant with a girl that's turning me into a total hypocrite!

This first pic below is my absolute favorite nursery and is to blame for my sudden onset of blush pink envy. It has served as the most inspirational in my design plans. We're having the walls painted this weekend, so stay tuned!

PS. Also, you may notice that I'm slightly obsessed with a certain beaded chandelier. I didn't even notice the OBVIOUS until one day I took a look at my Pinterest board! Seriously, someone stage an intervention now......

15 Soft and Feminine Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

blush pink nursery for girls
soft pinks and white nursery colors

gold, white, and pink nursery colors

watercolor wall paper nursery
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