10 Ways to Decorate with Spring Flowers

Happy May Day! That's right, May Day isn't even the red-headed stepchild of holidays, it's like the distant bucktooth cousin of the red-headed stepchild of holidays. Even more sad is how the charming tradition of May Day baskets is long-gone. Wouldn't it be fun to find some pretty stems hanging on your door knob? Especially for those of us who are too cheap to buy our own flowers! 

All kidding aside though, couldn't the world use a holiday like this? Who knows, maybe Kim Jung-un would be a happier person if someone just gave this man a darn basket of flowers. Okay,  apparently I wasn't ready to put kidding aside yet. Anyways, I decided I'm celebrating this poor forgotten holiday, so in honor of it I've gathered up 10 beautiful ways to celebrate May Day and spring with flowers. Enjoy and try not to party too hard tonight! #MayDayIsTheNewNewYears (well not really, but it should be)


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Kelly Radcliff said...

Loved all of your flower choices!!!

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