Stenciled Floors: Hot Trending Home Idea

So last week I announced I was alive and then I died again...and by "died" I mean I have suffered from THEE WORST (going on twelve days) sinus infection EVER. Needless to say, I've had a lot of time to think about important things in life like stenciled painted floors. Now stenciling your floors isn't exactly a new concept, a matter of fact it dates back to the colonial days, but there's been a major re-emergence of this trend lately and I have to say I'm super duper hooked!

Like all things house-related these days, I'm going to have to blame good ol' Waco resident,
 Jo Jo, for this recent floor craze. I noticed once she started utilizing cement tiles in her makeovers, similar to the ones used in the bathroom at the Magnolia Bed and Breakfast, it set the decor world a buzz. Graphic, Moroccan, Spanish; whatever you prefer to call these pretty tiles, people are loving them!

So what's trending about this trend?

painted patio cement

Contrary to Fixer Upper, decor enthusiasts are actually taking the budget-friendly route and stenciling/painting their floors to mimic the beautiful, bold-patterned tiles. This technique can work on a variety of floors including linoleum, vinyl, cement and tile. Obviously, this is usually done on floors that the homeowner dislikes or feels is outdated and they may not have the budget or time to fully replace at the moment (my laundry room would be a prime example of this!)

painted laundry room floor

Speaking of laundry rooms, these spaces along with bathrooms and mud rooms appear to be the most popular spot for this trend, which makes sense if you've ever stenciled before! At some point on this blog, I'm pretty sure I deemed myself the worst stenciler in the history of stenciling, so if you're a newbie to the technique or just a DIY hazard, starting with a small space like a powder room may be your best bet in saving your sanity. Although some people, like the talented JoEllen from the @rusticfarmhouse, are really brave and do a full room. I mean c'mon, is this not the bee's knees?!

stenciling floor tiles

On a smaller scale, Susan of @suewaldron, stenciled her fireplace hearth
 and it turned out AUH-mazing!

DIY stencil fireplace hearth

Color-wise, black and white and grey and white seem to be the prom king and queen of combos when it comes to stenciling floors.

cement tile look with stencil

how to stencil a bathroom floor

I think I'm smitten with this trend because there's something about it that's part vintage part classic! We have a laundry room that's in desperate need of some style and this just may be a project I need to add on our (never ending) to-do list soon. Maybe while I'm on maternity leave? #ThatIsHilarious

What do you think? Would you paint your floors?

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